Is Jayda Cheaves Pregnant? Jayda Cheaves Sparks Pregnancy Speculations!

Jayda Cheaves is an American social media influencer, entrepreneur, and influential actress. She was born on September 25, 1997. Jayda has an immense number of followers on Instagram and has been rising to fame through her presence on online platforms. She shares much information on social media about her life, fashion, beauty and other endeavours.

She is known for her beauty, and Jayda has established an apparent connection in the beauty and fashion fields. She is in the beauty industry along with fashion. On her social media platform, she promotes products related to different brands. Now there are some speculations about her being pregnant. Please read the article to know more about her pregnancy.

Is Jayda Cheaves Pregnant?

is jayda pregnant

According to the sources, Jyada Cheaves might welcome her second baby with Lil Baby! The social media suspects she might have her second baby soon. As she posted a new sexy video of her in linger, her fans speculated that she is pregnant and is expecting soon. Cheaves appears to be expecting a baby after assuming about her recent social media photos and videos.

Earlier this year, she came into a video with Lil Baby, and fans concluded that she was pregnant, but at that time, she confronted that it was just for video promoting. But now, after her social media photos, the social media suspects her expecting a baby soon enough.

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Who Is Jayda Cheaves Dating Currently?

Jayda Cheaves is not dating anyone currently. She was dating Lil Baby, and they both had a high-profile relationship for some time. Since their relationship ended, Jayda has been staying single with no further plan of dating. She says that “she is done with dating rappers”. In her social media, Jayda has many pictures of herself and selfies, which shows that she is doing great while staying single.

Jayda states that she can feel self-empowerment and individualism by visiting single. She also claimed she is busy with her business and online clothing boutique, Amourjayda.

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Does Jayda Have a Baby?

is jayda pregnant

While Jayda was dating Lil Baby, on Feb 18, 2019, they revealed that they were pregnant with a baby. They announced that they were proud to be parents of a son, and they named him Loyal Armani. After her pregnancy, the couple were together for some time, and their relationship got unhealthy. Jayda was happy and claimed the baby was perfect as she imagined it.

After some time, Jayda moved to Los Angeles from Atlanta and decided to throw a party to welcome the baby. All the pictures and information were recorded on social media after the couple faced many problems and didn’t stick around together.

Who Is Lil Baby?

Lil Baby is also named Dominique Armani Jones and was born on December 3, 1994. Lil Baby is a highly famous American rapper, songwriter and entrepreneur. He hailed from Atlanta, Georgia and has made a place in the music industry. He is full of surprise and his blend of trap and melodic rap styles.

Lil Baby is also famous for raw storytelling and infectious melodies. His introspective lyrics have made his fans go crazy. His breakthrough came in 2017 when he released his “perfect timing” album.