Is Jessica Capshaw Pregnant? Grey’s Anatomy Former Star Expecting Baby?

Is Jessica Capshaw Pregnant? Jessica Capshaw is widely known for her captivating acting and a mesmerizing smile that can melt millions of hearts at once. The star is particularly known for her role as Dr. Arizona Robbins in Grey’s Anatomy for a whole 10 seasons. However, it is something else we are curious about- is she pregnant?

The rumors sparked when Jessica Capshaw decided to leave the show without any reason, leaving fans all on their speculations and some of them led to the theories of her expecting another baby.

Keep reading the article to know more about the secret ‘pregnancy’ of Jessica Capshaw and all you need to know about Jessica Capshow being pregnant.

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Is Jessica Capshaw Pregnant?

is jessica capshaw pregnant

No, Jessica Capshaw is not pregnant. Sad to break it to you but those were just some wild speculations and baseless rumors. Jessica Capshaw has not yet addressed the rumors surrounding her pregnancy, and neither has her co-star and friends.

Jessica Capshaw already has four kids with her husband Christopher Gavigan and has never talked about her plans for babies or about growing her family.

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Why Did Jessica Capshaw Leave Grey’s Anatomy?

is jessica capshaw pregnant

The rumors regarding Capshaw being pregnant sparked immediately after she said goodbye to the sets of Grey’s Anatomy. The sudden departure of Dr. Arizona from the show was linked with Capshaw’s pregnancy. However, it is not true.

In an interview with Rose and Ivy Journal, Capshaw revealed the impact of Dr. Arizona leaving Grey’s Anatomy’s storyline and the direct impact on her ex Callie Torres-

“I think people always talk about transitions right? And transitions are challenging. It was challenging for sure but now that it’s been two years, the thing I feel the most looking at is the work that I did and the stories that I got to tell on the show I was so grateful for. The thing that I felt leaving was the thing that I never would have thought. It was what that character meant to our progression as a kind, loving and gentle world in which LGBTQ youth and adults can live. Knowing that for some or many that there was representation.”

As of now, it is not confirmed if Jessica would return to the show or not but let’s hope for the best and let the storyline unfold at its pace.