Is Jessica Mauboy Married? The Love Lady of Australia Found Her Lover Boy

Is Jessica Mauboy Married? Jessica Maubay is one of the most loved musicians in Australia. The singer blew away the world with her melodious voice back in 2006 when she was on the very first step towards fame in The Australian Idol.

Recently, the singer made a big revelation about her personal life, giving people an insight into her love interest. Fans are going crazy over this news!

Well, why won’t they? People have been super curious about the singer’s marital status since long ago and this news finally gave them closure. Keep reading to uncover the reality behind the secret life of Jessica Mauboy.

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Is Jessica Mauboy Married?

Yes, Jessica Mauboy is married to Themeli Magripilis. The ARIA Award winner revealed a few things about her married life and new husband. She told in an interview in 2015 about her love story began back when she was just 18.

is jessica mauboy married

The 18-year-old Jessica was on a club dance floor in Darwin when she met the love of her life, the one she was fated to meet. The relationship had a cheeky star with Mauboy’s self-described “crab claw”.

“I was dared to walk across the room in the club and pinch this guy. At the time I didn’t know who he was, but my friends had known of him and thought he was a very handsome man. It was a dare to start off with … to go through the crowd and pinch his bottom!”

She also revealed that although Themeli was far from her idol-type, it still just clicked between them and soon Jessica found herself visiting Darwin to meet him more often.

“I’m the one who made the move and ended up getting his number from a really good friend. I texted and said ‘I’d really like this to work, how about you?’ and I didn’t think I would do anything in my life like that.”

During the first seven years of their relationship, they were in a long-distance relationship, given that Jessica’s schedule was too hectic. Then in 2016, They relocated to Sydney, where Jessica was living and working.

is jessica mauboy married

Jessica told that she realized that he was The One when the couple had visited the Greek Islands together where Themeli’s family lived.

“When we were in Greece, I would get all mushy when he would be talking to the yiayias or papus on the street asking for directions or what to see on the island and I would think ‘I love you, malaka. Out of all the moments we have had together it was a realisation that yes, I am going to be with him for the rest of my life, whether or not I have the ring. I know deeply how amazing he is, how he is with my family and they are with him. And he’s so hot.”

Themeli proposed to his love lady three years later and the two announced their relationship on social media. The couple had to postpone their wedding plans due to the outbreak of covid-19. But last year, the two decided on the venue and began the proper wedding planning.

is jessica mauboy married

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Is Jessica Mouboy Pregnant?

No, Jessica Mouboy is not pregnant. The couple are enjoying their married life now. The couple revealed that while kids are very much a part of their future plans, they’d like to wait a little more for now.

“My sisters always say, ‘When are we going to have a little Jess or little Themeli running around?’ And Them’s parents are getting much older and they’re like, ‘When are you going to have a baby? I want to have a little grandson or granddaughter.’ They’re freaking me out!”