Is Jessica Mauboy Pregnant? Here Is the Truth About Her Alleged Pregnancy!

Is Jessica Mauboy pregnant? Jessica Mauboy’s career began in 2006 when she participated in Australian Idol season 4. She is a fantastic singer, actress, and songwriter.

She finished fourth in that season, which gave her the opportunity to collaborate with Sony Music Australia.

Many of Jessica’s supporters are curious about what transpired during her pregnancy. Is Jessica Mauboy carrying a child? So, if you’re interested in learning more, you’re in the perfect place.

Is Jessica Mauboy Pregnant?

No, Jessica Mauboy is not pregnant. As a result of a strange Instagram post by Jessica Mauboy that seemed to be hinting at possible pregnancy news, fans are now buzzing with expectations.

The multi-platinum performer uploaded a short video of herself standing in a museum while wearing a flowy green shirt with elegant long sleeves that deftly covered her stomach. She added a caption:

“A little something might be on its way… You know how excited I have been to share new music with you, it’s just around the corner!!!!.”

As fans and acquaintances alike guessed the significance of Mauboy’s cryptic statement, the internet erupted in excitement. A fan wrote:

“🙌 A baby???❤️👏😍”

While some fans got excited after reading the caption, some people are there to clarify the rumors in the comment section, Damiim wrote:

“It’s not a baby people……😓”

Although Mauboy is renowned for her love of suspense and surprises, this most recent piece unquestionably raised the excitement.

While the artist’s admirers and followers eagerly await news from her, if we carefully read the caption it can be clearly seen that she is talking about “NEW MUSIC” not a baby.

And on the 11th of August finally, the music she was talking about came out on her official YouTube channel featuring Jason Derulo, and the clip which sparked the question “Is Jessica Mauboy Pregnant?” was from the music video given above.

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Is Jessica Mauboy Married?

is jessica mauboy pregnant

Yes, Jessica Mauboy is happily married to her longtime beau Themeli Magripilis. It was released among rumors last year, Jessica secretly made her way down the aisle with her longtime partner Themeli Magripilis.

The Voice Australia coach and Themeli exchanged vows at a small church ceremony in Darwin, according to the Northern Territory Times. The ceremony was followed by a banquet for more than 300 guests at the Mindil Beach Casino Resort.

There was not “a dry eye in the crowd,” according to sources close to the couple, who spoke to the publication. Jessica and Themeli’s evening celebration was held on the resort’s lawn, which views out over Mindil Beach.

is jessica mauboy pregnant

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In a rare interview, Jessica Mauboy,34, discussed her marriage and claimed that it “doesn’t define” her. While speaking to the publication Jessica said,

When I think of marriage, you think of this vision of being home, having children, doing home things, it is a very old school mentality that I grew up with.

The Australian singer continued,

“Having absorbed and seen my friends having children and being married, it’s a very different take today, you know? My kind of vision now is that I’m a strong woman, I may be married, but that doesn’t tie me down to the married life. It doesn’t define me.”

The Voice judge also stated during the interview that she intends to work on more films and television projects. Her last acting role was in the 2017 film The Secret Daughter.