Is Jessica Tarlov Pregnant? The Mystery Surrounding Pregnancy Speculation!!

Is Jessica Tarlov Pregnant? Jessica Tarlov, who is a co-host and political commentator, has an important job at Bustle, a big website for women. She’s the Senior Director of Research and Consumer Insight there.

Her job is to understand what people want and make sure the website has the right information for its diverse audience. Jessica is good at what she does, and her work helps Bustle stay popular and helpful for women.

As someone frequently in the public eye due to her outspoken views on Trump, it’s no surprise that curiosity extends beyond her professional life.

Lately, the buzz surrounds a personal aspect – is Jessica Tarlov pregnant? Delve into this article as we unravel the truth behind the recent speculations about her pregnancy status.

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is jessica tarlov pregnant

On Wednesday’s episode of The Five, Jessica Tarlov shared some wonderful news – she’s going to have a baby girl in April! This will be her second child with her husband Brian McKenna, and they already have a sweet two-year-old girl named Cleo.

During the show, Jessica Tarlov excitedly announced her pregnancy, and her co-hosts, including Greg Gutfeld, congratulated her on live television. However, Jeanine Pirro was curious to know if Jessica had told Cleo about the upcoming arrival of her little sister.

Jessica shared that she tried to tell Cleo, but it seems Cleo is going through the “terrible twos” phase, which can be a bit challenging. Jessica humorously mentioned that Cleo is sometimes in a somewhat “violent” phase, and despite trying to talk to her about the new sibling, Cleo doesn’t seem too interested.

This heartwarming revelation brought a positive and light-hearted moment to the broadcast, especially after a particularly eventful and spirited episode of The Five. It added a touch of joy and warmth to the show, making it a memorable and delightful segment for both Jessica and the viewers.  

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is jessica tarlov pregnant

Jessica Tarlov got married to Brian McKenna in 2021. She was born on March 9, 1984, and she’s a well-known person in the world of politics and consulting. Even at the age of 39, she has achieved a lot and is respected in her field.

Jessica is good at what she does. She’s a Political Strategist, Analyst, and Consultant, and she’s in high demand because of her knowledge and expertise. Her career shows how committed she is to understanding and shaping politics.

Being born in 1984, Jessica Tarlov is still quite young, and this is an advantage for her. It helps her connect with younger people and understand their political views and hopes better.

Jessica Tarlov and her spouse welcomed their bundle of joy into the world. The lovely Fox News star became a mom to a beautiful girl named Cleo Markie McKenna on December 11, 2021, sharing this special moment with her husband, Brian McKenna.

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