Is Jo Kwon Gay? Performing as a Drag Queen Sparks Rumors!

Gay rumors circulating among K-pop stars are nothing new on the internet. Jo Kwon, best known as the leader of the South Korean boy band 2AM, is now making headlines for his outspoken support of the LGBTQ+ community.

Kwon’s sexual orientation has always piqued the interest of the “I am” fanbase ever since he appeared as a drag queen in 2017. Keep scrolling to learn all there is to know about Jo Kwon’s sexual orientation!

Is Jo Kwon Gay?

Is Jo Kwon Gay?

Jo Kwon Identifies Themself as Genderless. Kwon discussed their experience wearing drag on “Golden Tambourine” and how it let them explore their gender expression in an interview with the Korean media source XSports News in 2018.

“I always thought of myself as a performer, so I never cared about gender. I think that’s why I was able to enjoy myself so much,” said Kwon.

Jo Kwon stated that they does not want to be defined by gender and feels that gender is a social construct. Kwon also mentioned that he would prefer to be referred to using gender-neutral pronouns such as “they/them” instead of traditional male or female pronouns.

Jo Kwon has not outwardly declared themselves to be gay, but they has freely discussed their support for LGBTQ+ rights and their own gender identity. They has always pushed people to accept and love themselves.

Did Jo Kwon Perform as a Drag Queen?

Is Jo Kwon Gay?

Jo Kwon performed a medley of K-pop girl group songs in drag on the South Korean variety show “Golden Tambourine” in 2017. Their performance received positive reviews and garnered appreciation for its audacity and transgression of gender stereotypes.

The distinction between performing drag and identifying as a drag queen must be made, though. Drag is a type of performance art where participants dress outrageously and use cosmetics to project a larger-than-life persona.

Drag queens are people who perform in drag, frequently as a job or a pastime.

Jo Kwon’s drag performance on “Golden Tambourine” was a one-off, but it was a significant moment in South Korean culture since it questioned gender expectations and promoted tolerance for various sexual and gender expressions.

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Jo Kwon’s Love and Support for the LGBTQ+ Community

Is Jo Kwon Gay?

Jo Kwon has been a vocal advocate for South Korea’s LGBTQ+ community. Kwon has also advocated for more acceptance in South Korea and brought attention to LGBTQ+ issues using his platform.

They took part in the Seoul Queer Cultural Festival in 2019, a significant LGBTQ+ rights celebration that takes place yearly in South Korea.

Jo Kwon has demonstrated their love and support for the LGBTQ+ community by their words and deeds and has been a strong advocate for more acceptance and equality in South Korea.

Who is Jo Kwon Currently Dating?

Is Jo Kwon Gay?

Jo Kwon has not disclosed publicly why he chooses to keep their dating life private.

They might, like many K-pop celebrities, feel compelled to keep their private life private in order to shield themselves and their relationships from severe fan scrutiny. They might also wish to uphold a certain persona or image for their followers.

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Why do K-pop Stars Keep Their Dating Life Confidential?

Is Jo Kwon Gay?

For a multitude of reasons, including the fact that their fans are frequently quite fervent and invested in their personal lives, K-pop singers typically keep their love relationships under wraps.

Many followers have what is referred to as a “parasocial” relationship with their idols, which means they consider themselves to be personally connected to them while not actually knowing them.

Several K-pop agencies also have tight guidelines for dating and relationships, and they may include in their contracts that their performers must keep their personal affairs private.

K-pop artists have the right to privacy and autonomy in their romantic relationships as they’re people with personal lives and relationships too!

Regardless of their own opinions on the subject, many celebrities feel pressure to keep their love relationships a secret due to the tremendous fan culture that surrounds K-pop.

Frequently Asked Questions About Jo Kwon

Who is Jo Kwon?

Jo Kwon is the leader of the South Korean boy band 2AM, as well as a singer, television host, actor, and entertainer.

Is Jo Kwon Gay?

Jo Kwon is identified as genderless.

Who is Jo Kwon Currently Dating?

Like many other K-pop stars, Jo Kwon also keeps his dating life private. So we can’t be sure if he is single or in a relationship.

Is Jo Kwon a Drag Queen?

No, but he has performed as a drag queen in 2017.

Jo Kwon is the Leader of Which K-pop Band?

Jo Kwon is the leader of the South Korean boy band 2AM.

When did Jo Kwon Debut?

Jo Kwon made his JYP Entertainment debut in 2008 as a member of 2AM.

Jo Kwon Works Under Which Label?

Jo Kwon joined Cube Entertainment, another K-pop entertainment firm, in 2017 when his contract with JYP Entertainment expired.

What is Jo Kwon’s Net Worth?

According to All Famous Birthday, Jo Kwon has an estimated net worth of $5 million.