Is Joe Alwyn Gay? Unveiling the Truth About Actor’s Sexuality!

Is Joe Alwyn gay? Joe Alwyn is an actor from England. Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, a 2016 war drama directed by Ang Lee, marked Alwyn’s feature film debut as the title character.

Since then, he has appeared in supporting roles in movies like The Favourite (2018), Boy Erased (2018), Mary Queen of Scots (2018), and Harriet (2019).

As word of Ariana Grande’s breakup spread, fans quickly compared 32-year-old Joe Alwyn to 27-year-old Dalton Gomez, Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend, and made him a trending topic on social media.

With this, a lot of people are curious about Alwyn’s personal life, particularly his sexual orientation. So, is Joe Alwyn really gay? Or are these rumors just baseless? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the actor’s sexual orientation.

Is Joe Alwyn Gay?

is joe alwyn gay

No, Joe Alwyn is not gay. It’s essential to clarify that there is currently no evidence to support the rumors suggesting that Joe Alwyn is gay.

These speculations surfaced when news of Ariana Grande’s split from Dalton Gomez led people to link it to Taylor Swift’s breakup with Alwyn.

As fans expressed their frustration with both pop stars’ ex-partners, memes started circulating suggesting that Alwyn and Gomez are dating.

However, these memes are purely fictional and have no factual basis. Joe Alwyn has not made any public comments regarding his sexuality, so it’s important not to jump to conclusions.

While we may not have evidence about his past relationships other than with Taylor Swift, Alwyn is known for keeping his personal life extremely private.

No wonder why he has been described as a “notoriously low-key actor” by GQ and “Hollywood’s Most Private Leading Man” by The Wall Street Journal.

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Who Is Joe Alwyn Currently Dating?

is joe alwyn gay

Joe Alwyn is rumored to be dating Emma Laird as per Harper Bazaar Arabia. Swifties are sure that Emma Laird is to blame for Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn’s abrupt breakup after a string of rumors between the two actors began to circulate as a result of a blind item.

That being said, neither actor has confirmed these reports, which are merely the result of fan guesswork.

The 24-year-old actor, best known for playing the lead in the Paramount+ drama Mayor of Kingstown, recently revealed she has been cast in The Brutalist opposite Joe Alywn, Adrien Brody, Felicity Jones, and others.

Brady Corbet’s historical drama is presently being filmed in Hungary, where the actors and crew are working really hard to make it come to life.

After Emma posted a picture dump on Instagram with a set of photos with the description “Moments in March,” which included a photo of Joe riding an electric scooter, rumors about the two co-stars started to circulate.

Since everyone is interested in learning more about the upcoming actress, fans of the Grammy-winning diva did not take this well and have taken to social media to express their opinions on Joe’s potential new romance.

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Joe Alwyn and Taylor Swift’s Relationship

is joe alwyn gay

Joe Alwyn and Swift have been linked since 2016. The two were infamous for keeping their romance a secret and hardly ever discussed it.

Alwyn said to the WSJ Magazine in 2022 when reports of his engagement started to circulate, he said:

“If I had a pound for every time I think I’ve been told I’ve been engaged, then I’d have a lot of pound coins.” Well, did he spill?  Nope. I mean, the truth is, if the answer was yes, I wouldn’t say, and if the answer was no, I wouldn’t say.” 

Fans were astonished to find that the couple had split up after more than six years of dating in April 2023.

According to a source who spoke to Entertainment Tonight, “it was not dramatic,” and “the relationship had just run its course.” It explains why [Alwyn] hasn’t been seen at any performances.