Is Joe Baggs Gay? Exploring GOGGLEBOX Star’s Sexuality and Love Life!

Is Joe Baggs gay? In the realm of entertainment, few figures have captured the public’s attention quite like Joe Baggs, renowned for his appearances alongside his family on the popular television series, GOGGLEBOX.

With a career marked by both fame and intrigue, Joe Baggs has become a household name, sparking curiosity and speculation about his personal life. One question that has emerged in the public discourse is, “Is Joe Baggs gay?”

As we delve into this topic, we aim to shed light on the man behind the television screen and explore the facets of his personal life that have contributed to the ongoing discussion surrounding his sexual orientation.

Is Joe Baggs Gay?

is joe baggs gay

Yes, Joe Baggs is an openly gay man as per MailOnline. The GOGGLEBOX star is a proud and openly gay individual, known for being unapologetically open about his sexuality.

However, his sexual orientation briefly came under scrutiny following a surprising snapshot of him sharing a kiss with Love Island’s Chloe Burrows, making people doubt if he is bisexual.

Chloe, aged 26, and Joe, also 26, locked lips while recording an episode of Not My Bagg back in March, attributing their passionate moment to a night of overindulgence.

Joe playfully posted the snapshot on Instagram with a caption that read, ‘Drunk too much and made @chloeburrows my girlfriend. So happy I can tell the world.’

is joe baggs gay

The photo ignited a flurry of romance rumors across social media, leading many to question Joe’s sexuality. Nevertheless, Joe quickly addressed the speculation, clarifying that he and Chloe were not romantically involved.

Speaking to The Sun, he remarked,

‘That was so funny. We did have a laugh about that afterward. I woke up the next morning, got the edit through and was like ‘oh.’ I wonder how this is going to be perceived.’

He added that his Instagram post was meant as a light-hearted joke and a result of occasionally forgetting how powerful social media can be.

Joe and Chloe both took the situation in stride, sharing a good laugh about the unexpected twist in their friendship.

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Who Is Joe Baggs Dating?

is joe baggs gay

Joe Baggs is not dating anyone as of now. The TV personality admitted that he had made “bad dating decisions” leading to the nightmare love life.

In July, the GOGGLEBOX legend asked his mother to assist him in finding his ideal partner. Reality personality Lisa acknowledged that she is hoping her kid will develop a romantic relationship with a well-known TV host. She mentioned the name Rylan Clark.

Joe stated in an interview with The Sun, “I’ve always said bringing someone home here is going to be a challenge.”

Laughing, he said, “I wouldn’t want to do it.” Like any other Essex guy, Joe said, “I’ve always wanted to settle down and have a nice house, Range Rover, and a dog, like a typical Essex boy.”

“But I’ve made some rotten choices, just really bad exes and I’ve made really bad decisions.”

“They’ve been nice but it’s not a sustainable relationship and I know what you should be going for rather than what you usually go for,” Lisa stated.

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The podcast host announced that he is now prepared to meet his match. He has partnered with dating service Badoo to provide Family-Approved, a suite of in-app features that allows your loved ones to “big you up” on your dating profile.

Joe said, “I notice that I get with someone and they tend to unravel – someone will seem so put together, and then I’ll introduce them and bring them into my life,”  to which Lisa replied, “They’re probably just acting like themselves.”

Right now Joe might be still looking for his ideal partner to settle but he also stated that he has been very picky lately.