Who Is Jessica Ditzel, the Spouse of Joe Rogan?

As the host of the popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, comedian and commentator Joe Rogan is well-known in his field. Rogan is known for his forthrightness on many topics, including politics, but his marriage is one area where he tends to keep to himself.

Rogan and his wife Jessica Ditzel have been together for a while now. Some of their followers, though, might be curious as to how they met, given that Ditzel is not a famous person.

Jessica Ditzel Is the Name of Joe Rogan’s Wife.

In other words, Ditzel is nearly eight years younger than Rogan, whose birth date Parade reports as July 18, 1975. Her dad, Jeff Conrad Ditzel, was in the Minneapolis band Ditch Pickles, so music runs in the family.

Ditzel’s upbringing is a mystery, however, she allegedly completed her secondary education in Centennial State. Later, in the 1990s, she enrolled at California State University, Long Beach.

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Ditzel has experience in the modeling industry, having been represented by M Model Management. She has, however, also had positions as a product analyst for Volvo Motorsports and an account executive for Robert Half Technology.

Previously, Ditzel dated Kevin “Dino” Conner of the R&B group H-Town. They became engaged, and in 1996, their daughter Kayja Rose was born. An automobile accident took Conner’s life in 2003.

Joe Rogan Is Famously Against Marriage

Although he has been married for almost a decade, Rogan has made no secret of the fact that he is against marriage.

The Palm Beach Post quotes him as saying, “I had to [bind the knot].” She didn’t have to, per se, but she did give birth. For the love of God, I’ll sign this ridiculous legal document. That was a lot more dedication on her part.

He Added that “Marriage Is Terrible, F***ing Dumb” in The Same 2015 Interview with Rolling Stone.

Regardless, Rogan and Ditzel’s marriage has endured longer than many Hollywood pairings. The fact that “she lets me do everything I do” is a big reason for their success, according to Rogan. That is why we get along so well together. The girl I like doesn’t f*** with me.
However, the pair has made plans to cope in the event that their marriage does collapse. Rogan revealed that the couple has a prenuptial agreement, saying, “A prenup? And of course. The only thing I am not is stupid, despite my foolish and bumbling demeanor.

is joe rogan married

When Did They Get Married?

In 2009, Jessica Ditzel wed comedian Joe Rogan. According to Sidomex Entertainment, the pair made their engagement public in 2008.

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Who Is Joe Rogan’s Wife?

Despite widespread belief to the contrary, Ditzel is not the daughter of comedian Robert Schimmel; she is a former model who was born on July 18, 1975, in Sugar Land, Texas, at the age of 46. (Jessica Schimmel, who works on The Simpsons, is Robert’s daughter, but Ditzel keeps thinking she’s someone else.)

It turns out that Ditzel is the daughter of Jeff Conrad Ditzel, a member of the successful Minneapolis band Ditch Pickles. Ditzel has a mysterious past, but we do know that she attended Colorado Springs High School and later transferred to California State University, Long Beach. While dating Keven “Dino” Conner, the lead vocalist of the R&B group H-Town, Jessica became engaged to him. The songs “Knockin’ Da Boot,” “A Thin Line Between Love and Hate,” and “They Like it Slow” have made H-Town famous.

Conner and his then-fiancée and their unborn child were murdered in an automobile accident in 2003. Jessica’s daughter Kayja Rose, now 24 years old, is his progeny; like him, she is an R&B singer.

is joe rogan married

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How Many Children Does Jessica Ditzel Have?

Joe doesn’t share a ton of details about his personal life, but he did mention having three children on an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience.

There are three members of the Rose family living with Jessica and Joe: Rosy, 11, Lola, 13, and Kayla Rose, 24.

In addition to his two daughters, Rosy and Lola, Joe also adopted Jessica’s daughter, Kayja Rose, when he married her.

As was previously mentioned, Jessica’s late companion, Keven Conner, is Kayja’s biological father.

Following in his musical footsteps, she released her debut EP, Tipsy, in 2017, as reported by Sportskeeda.

She may have gotten her love of music from her late biological father, Dino Conner, the site says.