Is Joey Batey Gay? Rumors Spark as Actor Portrayed Bisexual Character ‘The Witcher’!

Is Joey Batey gay? Joey Batey is a singer, songwriter, and actor from England. He is well-known for his role as the bard Jaskier in the Netflix fantasy series The Witcher, in which he sang songs like “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” and others.

A brand-new season of “The Witcher” includes a gay relationship! And it was none other than the love affair between Jaskier (played by Joey) and Prince Radovid. People began to wonder if Joey Batey was also homosexual in real life.

So, is Joey Batey gay in real life too? Or are these rumors just untrue? Let’s go straight to it and read the article to learn the actor’s sexual orientation in its entirety.

Is Joey Batey Gay?

is joey batey gay

No, Joey Batey is not gay. Many people have speculated that Jaskier may be gay before the premiere of Season 3 due to his passion for Geralt.

In an interview with PinkNews Joey Batey, 34, said he also wants his character to be queer from the beginning of the show and it has become true now.

Jaskier’s attraction to and eventual kissing of Radovoid in Season 3 of The Witcher proves that he is homosexual. Viewers also ponder if Joey Batey is homosexual in real life.

Joey Batey hasn’t yet made any comments about his sexual orientation, though. Therefore, unless he provides any updates, it would be fair to presume that he is straight.

He is not necessarily homosexual in real life just because he enjoys portraying a bisexual character. After all, he is a performer.

Joey has been coy about his personal connections, but after doing some investigation, we learned that he has exclusively been associated with women in the past, indicating that he is straight.

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Who Is Joey Batey Dating?

Joey Batey is possibly single according to our research. And even after scrolling through his Instagram account he doesn’t appear to be dating anyone but he is rumored to be dating a couple of girls:

Joey Batey Is Rumored to Be Dating Katherine McNamara

is joey batey gay

Actress Katherine McNamara and Batey have received a lot of media attention. In December 2022, they gave rise to some crazy dating rumors that generated a lot of discussion on Twitter.

Their public presence at The Witcher: Blood Origin’s BFI Southbank premiere in London, England, is what started these claims. On the red carpet, the couple posed for photos while grinning at one other.

Fans of each star and people throughout the world enjoyed this visual feast. Many others began to wonder whether she was his girlfriend because they appeared to be such an ideal couple.

Many people questioned this appearance because she wasn’t participating in the play itself; she was only a spectator. Twitter was used by fans to debate what they thought of this image.

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Joey Batey Has Also Been Rumored to Be Dating Anya Chalotra

is joey batey gay

Joe Batey has also been linked to another actress, according to rumors. Anya Chalotra, his co-star from The Witcher, is there.

On the sets, the two had a lot of chemistry, which sparked some rumors about a possible relationship.

When they learned that Chalotra was seeing her lover, Josh Dylan, the rumors were quickly put down.