Is Jojo Pregnant in 2023? A Deep Dive Into the Controversy and What We Know so Far!!

Is Jojo Pregnant in 2023? JoJo Siwa: She’s a famous person on the internet known for her happy personality, videos for kids, and great dancing. People of all ages like her!

She’s not just on Instagram; she’s been on TV shows like Dance Moms, Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, and more. She’s really famous and lots of people want to work with her.

But recently, JoJo posted a picture on social media where she showed her belly, and the caption said something like, ‘Are you Team BOY or Team GIRL?’ This surprised a lot of people because they thought she might be saying she was pregnant. 

This was surprising because she’s young, and she hasn’t talked about wanting kids before. So, people are wondering if the rumor about her being pregnant is true or not.

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Is Jojo Pregnant in 2023? A Comprehensive Exploration of Rumors, Speculations, and Facts!!

is jojo pregnant in 2023

First of all, No JoJo is not pregnant in 2023. If you’ve been using TikTok recently, you might have seen people searching for “Is Jojo Pregnant in 2023?” on her videos. This is because JoJo recently went shopping and shared pictures of some kids’ clothes she bought as a gift for a friend on Snapchat.

JoJo posted a picture of herself with her hand on her belly as a playful joke and wrote ‘Can’t believe it’ as the caption.

JoJo was joking, but some people didn’t understand it was a joke. A screenshot of her Snapchat picture became really popular on Facebook, and then a lot of people started wondering if she was actually pregnant.

Now, JoJo has talked about these rumors on her TikTok. She made a video where she reacted to that photo and expressed her surprise about how much people were talking about the fake pregnancy.

JoJo, who likes to play tricks on people, has shared more funny Snapchat pictures pretending she’s going to have a baby. So, to sum it up, JoJo enjoys making jokes, but she’s not actually pregnant.

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Jo Jo Siwa’s Current Relationship Status: Who Is She Dating?

is jojo pregnant in 2023

JoJo Siwa used to have a boyfriend named Mark Bontempo from August to November 2020. But in January 2021, she told everyone she’s not into guys.

She dated her best friend Kylie Prew in February 2021, but they broke up that year. They got back together in May 2022 but split up again a month later.

Then, from August to December 2022, JoJo dated someone named Avery Cyrus. But now, she’s single again.