Is Nikola Jokic Gay? Why Is the Sexuality of NBA Champ a Topic of Debate?

Is Nikola Jokic gay? Serbian-born Nikola Jokic plays center for the Denver Nuggets of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Recently, Nikola Jokic made NBA history by becoming the first player to lead the playoffs in points, rebounds, and assists.

After making headlines for guiding the Nuggets to their first NBA Championship, defeating the Heat in five, and winning MVP in the championship game, people are now more curious about his personal life, particularly his sexual orientation.

So is Nikola Jokic really gay? Or are these rumors just baseless? Let’s not waste time and dive into the article to discover the truth about the sexuality of the remarkable finals MVP.

Is Nikola Jokic Gay?

is jokic gay

No, Nikola Jokic is not gay. There have been some misconceptions surrounding Nikola Jokic’s sexual orientation, but it’s important to clarify that he is not gay.

The confusion arose when Jamal Murray made a somewhat sappy comment about Jokic in a post shared by NBA Central. Post stated:

Jamal Murray says Nikola Jokic is peanut butter because he’s ‘thick’
“I’m the smear over top

The lack of context in Murray’s comment led fans to speculate about their relationship. Adding fuel to the rumors, Jokic faced controversy back in 2018 when he was fined $25k for using anti-gay slurs in a post-match interview.

However, the reality is quite different from these rumors. Jokic is actually straight and has been married to his longtime girlfriend since 2020. They even have a daughter together.

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Who Is Nikola Jokic Married To?

is jokic gay

Nikola Jokic is married to his long-time partner Natalija Jokic since October 2020. Nikola and Natalija have been friends since they were teenagers.

She relocated to Denver with Nikola when he joined the Nuggets in 2015, and ever since she has been cheering on the two-time NBA MVP from the stands.

Now, Natalija and their daughter Ognjena are usually spotted at Nikola’s games. The couple welcomed a baby girl in September 2021. They named their daughter Ognjena, which means “fiery” in Serbian.

In March 2023, Natalija posted a picture of Ognjena clutching Nikola’s game ball from his 100th triple-double on Instagram. According to the AP, only five other players in NBA history have ever accomplished this feat.

Natalija and Ognjena were there to support Nikola when he broke another NBA record in April (according to Sports Illustrated, he was the first NBA player to average 25 points, 10 rebounds, and five assists through his first 50 career postseason games).

Ognjena was even seen wearing a jacket with Nikola’s name and number on the back on Instagram stories.

During Game 3 of the NBA Finals in Miami in June 2023, Natalija stood by Nikola as he made history once more by being the first player to have a 30-20-10 stat line in the Finals.

is jokic gay

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Soon after the game, Natalija posted a nice photo of Nikola cradling their daughter as they enjoyed the sights of Miami on her Instagram Story. While Nikola plays in the NBA, having the support of his wife and children has been important.

In January, he told Serbia’s Arena TV, “I think all of us who have a wife and kids should be happy with the persons we have beside us, When you have a normal life, it lifts you up and only helps you.”