Is Joni Mitchell Gay? Greatest Artist In The Folk Scene Revealed Her Sexuality?

Is Joni Mitchell Gay? One of the most celebrated singer-songwriters of all time, Joni Mitchell, is back in the headlines, this time with the rumors hitting her matters. The icon who first appeared in the folk scene of the 1960s and has only grown as a personality since then is often surrounded by rumors and controversies.

One such rumor is about Joni Mitchell being gay. Fans have always been curious about Joni Mitchell’s life and this is just another episode of speculations about the iconic singer. The rumors began much earlier by the fans who were curious about Mitchell’s love life.

Keep reading the article to know more about the love life of the star who has recently made a comeback on the stage, making the world thrilled. And to uncover if Joni Mitchell is gay or if is it just another rumor.

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Is Joni Mitchell Gay?

is joni mitchell gay

No, Joni Mitchell is not gay. The nine-time Grammy winner has always been on the news for her personal and professional achievements. Rumors and controversies are also a part of these and this is just another rumor about her.

The rumor about Joni Mitchell being gay first sprang up because she supported the LGBTQ+ community. The star who has been dubbed by Rolling Stone as “one of the greatest songwriters ever”, has close links with the queer community as a strong ally. In fact, according to her website, she is known as a ‘diva’ within the LGBTQ+ community.

As noted by her website, ‘Within the pages of Gathered Light: The Poetry of Joni Mitchell’s Songs, the diversity of the reflections in terms of both contributors and content are a testament to Mitchell’s ability to transcend race, gender, and sexuality.’

The star’s dating life and close sources suggest that she is not gay. It is also suggested that Joni Mitchell has been in a relationship with Don Alias, Glenn Frey, John Guerin, Wayne Perkins, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, Graham Nash, Leonard Cohen, David Crosby, Brad Macmath, and JD Souther. Her dating life serves as proof that Joni Mitchell is not gay.

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Who Is Joni Mitchell Dating?

is joni mitchell gay

Joni Mitchell is not dating anyone right now. However, she has had an intensive dating history. The star has been married twice, both of which ended in divorce. Her first love sprang in the spring of 1965 when she met singer Charles Scott in Toronto. At age 21, Mitchell decided to get married to her young love.

 “I made my dress and bridesmaids’ dresses. We had no money… I walked down the aisle brandishing my daisies.”

However, the couple filed for a divorce in 1967 within two years of getting married. Later, the star tied the knot with Larry Klein in 1982. But guess luck wasn’t on their side and the two ended the partnership after 1 year of marriage.