Is Jordan North Gay? I’m A Celebrity Star Revealed His Sexuality?

Is Jordan North Gay? Jordan North, the Radio 1 host who has stolen many hearts over the years is back with another nerve-wracking news headline about his sexuality. Our all-time favorite star, who has entertained us through thick and thin, is being questioned about his sexuality.

And we hope to get a confirmed answer this time. The rumor has been going on for years and has been coming up with trends every few years in line. the last time the rumors got fire was in 2021, and before that, it was in 2020.

Keep reading the article to unravel the answer to the most exciting question about Jordan North- is Jordan North Gay?

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Is Jordan North Gay?

is jordan north gay

No, Jordan North is not gay. According to Reality Titbit, Jordan North has never confirmed or denied any rumors about him being gay. On a Radio Times in 2020, when asked about his partner and sexuality, Jordan replied-

 ‘I am single at the moment. But that is not the reason why I am going in, I just want to have fun and this is something that will stick with you forever. The fact I am going to be doing it doesn’t seem real.’

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Jordan North Love Life

is jordan north gay

Jordan North once confirmed that he is so bad at romance that he once shook a love interest’s hand at the end of the night. He revealed how awkward it was and what he felt. Don’t Worry North, we get you!

“I went on a first date about 18 months ago and I’m not good at these because I once shook my date’s hand at the end of the evening. I think you’re supposed to hug them or kiss them. It was awkward.

He also revealed that when it comes to his love life, he is a total noob and shared his experience of dating. He also revealed that he is currently single and not seeing anyone.

“I’ve never lived with a partner. I’ve had them stay over but after two days I’m like you’re doing my head in, p*** off. Sleeping in bed with a partner is hard because I’m a starfish. I like to be full-on spread out.”