Is JoshDub Gay? Is He Dating Fellow YouTuber Mully?

Is JoshDub gay? Joshua Wanders, also called JoshDub online, is an Australian YouTuber specializing in gaming material, particularly virtual reality gaming videos.

Mully, Your Narrator, EddieVR, JuicyFruitSnacks, and ReeKid are among the people he usually works with. The first four, together with JoshDub, comprise The Boys, and ReeKid is one of them.

Josh and a few of his partners frequently appear in a variety of sketches in his films. According to his management, Click Management, he was a pioneer in the field of VR entertainment on YouTube.

In addition, he has worked with Crayator, Xtended Reality, and, most recently, SwaggerSouls. He has also partnered with SMASHINGVR, a real-life friend.

People are guessing as to whether Josh is gay and whether he is dating Mully because the name of Mully keeps popping up in the comment area of JoshDub’s most recent video, and people are already missing him and their chemistry.

So, is JoshDub really gay? Or are these rumors just baseless? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the YouTuber’s sexual orientation.

Is JoshDub Gay?

is joshdub gay

No, JoshDub is not gay, though there might be some confusion surrounding his sexual orientation for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, some people have speculated about his relationship with fellow YouTuber Mully, since they frequently collaborate on videos.

In response to these rumors, Josh even made a lighthearted tweet, saying,

“Can people stop asking me if Mully is a lesbian, it’s affecting the way I interpret his actions.”

Additionally, Josh has posted content on Instagram, like “Pride month is over.. so why are you still being gay?”, which has contributed to the speculation.

However, it’s essential to note that these posts are made for entertainment purposes and should not be taken as indications of his real-life sexual orientation. In reality, Josh has only dated women in the past, which is clear evidence that he is not gay.

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Who Is JoshDub Dating?

is joshdub gay

JoshDub is not dating anyone at the moment, but he was previously dating his fellow Australian gamer/streamer Kristy Cherise.

The couple themselves admitted that they had been together since the start of JoshDub’s YouTube journey, but they broke up at the beginning of this year.

JoshDub took onto Twitter and YouTube to announce their breakup he tweeted, “kristy and i have broken up, but we still pals :)”

The couple made the YouTube video together in which they announced that they had no bad blood between them and were still good friends. Josh said in the video:

“We broke up it’s pretty mixable pretty much the most adult breakup that I think you can have. So we just wanted different things.”

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Kristy for her part said:

“Everything’s all good there’s no bad blood between us, we just ask that, obviously you guys do respect our boundaries and if you have any questions to ask just do so respectfully.”

Although Kristy was seen on Josh’s Instagram feed after their breakup for a couple of months they are not seen together anymore.