Is Julio Rodriguez Gay? Anti-Gay Slurs Directed Toward Him Spark Speculations!

Is Julio Rodriguez gay? Julio Yarnel Rodríguez Jr., better known as “J-Rod,” has been making waves in Major League Baseball (MLB) as a talented center fielder for the Seattle Mariners.

His journey to the big leagues began when he signed with the Mariners as an international free agent back in 2017, eventually making his MLB debut in 2022.

In an impressive rookie season, he not only earned All-Star recognition but also clinched the Silver Slugger Award and the American League Rookie of the Year Award.

However, beyond his baseball achievements, Julio Rodríguez has found himself at the center of speculation regarding his personal life.

This curiosity stems from a controversial incident during an Astros-Mariners game when Hector Neris directed gay slurs toward him.

In light of this incident, rumors about Julio’s sexual orientation have surfaced. In this article, we delve into the question: Is Julio Rodriguez gay? Let’s explore the facts and get to the truth of the matter.

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Is Julio Rodriguez Gay?

is julio rodriguez gay

No, Julio Rodrigues is not gay. The rumors surrounding Julio Rodriguez’s sexual orientation were triggered by a controversial incident involving Houston Astros pitcher Hector Neris during a game against the Seattle Mariners.

Neris allegedly directed a homophobic slur in Spanish towards his fellow 22-year-old Dominican player, Julio Rodriguez.

The incident was reported by The Seattle Times beat writer Adam Jude, who quoted another Mariners player, Suarez, saying, “Suarez, in the on-deck circle at the time, said that Neris yelled a homophobic slur at Rodriguez.”

Suarez further explained,

“He [Neris] started talking bad words in Spanish… He tried doing something that’s not good for people who speak Spanish and know the statement. I was in the on-deck circle and heard that and it pissed me off.”

Hector Neris later issued an apology, acknowledging his respect for Julio as both a person and a player.

He emphasized their friendship, recounting their history of friendly competition and banter, common among friends, especially in the Dominican Republic.

Neris expressed regret for approaching Julio as he did and clarified that he never intended to disrespect him, his family, or the Mariners organization.

However, it’s important to note that aside from this incident, there isn’t any concrete evidence to substantiate claims about Julio’s sexual orientation.

His dating history, which exclusively includes relationships with women, provides support for the assertion that his sexual orientation is straight.

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Is Julio Rodriguez Married?

is julio rodriguez gay

No, Julio Rodrigues is not married as of now but he is currently dating his girlfriend Jordyn Huitema. It seems that he has drawn the attention of Jordyn Huitema, his girlfriend, in addition to baseball enthusiasts.

According to the reports Huitema contacted Julio Rodriguez on social media, which is how the two first connected. On November 1, 2022, they officially made their romance public on Instagram.

“Seattle has been good this year :))” – @jordynhuitema

She and Julio Rodriguez appear to be enjoying their early dating, as evidenced by the frequency with which they post adorable photos to Instagram.