Is JWoww Married? Exploring the Love Life of Jersey Shore’s Jenni Farlow!

Is JWoww married? JWoww, also known as Jenni Farley, has been a household name in the world of reality television, thanks to her role on the hit show “Jersey Shore.”

Over the years, fans have followed her ups and downs, both on and off the screen. One burning question that often comes up in discussions about JWoww’s personal life is whether she’s married or not.

In this article, we’ll delve into the relationship status of this dynamic personality and provide you with the latest updates on her marital status.

So, if you’ve ever wondered if JWoww has tied the knot or if she’s still enjoying the single life or in a relationship, you’re in the right place to find out.

Is JWoww Married?

is jwoww married

No, JWoww is not married but she has been engaged to fiancé Zack Clayton Carpinello since 2021. 

After almost two years of dating Carpinello, a wrestler from Bethlehem, New York, Farley made her engagement to him public in 2021.

She then posted Instagram pictures of herself and Carpinello enjoying champagne while kissing and gazing at the New York City skyline from the top of the Empire State Building.

As she put her hand on Carpinello’s chest, Farley’s finger revealed a massive diamond ring. At the time, she wrote in the caption of an Instagram post,

“On 2.27 I said yes on the top of the Empire State Building 💜💗 @zackclayton,”


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Jenni “JWoww” Farley envisions her wedding taking place in Europe.

The 37-year-old Farley revealed to People that she and her fiancé Zack Clayton Carpinello are thinking about eloping abroad during Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’s season premiere in August at New York City’s Hard Rock Hotel.

She of her dream location:

“Ultimately I’ll probably elope. Probably Italy or Spain. I just got back from Italy. I feel like there was so much inspiration there that I would go back in a heartbeat.”

However, Farley later acknowledged, “I haven’t really thought about it.” Farley brought up Goldie Hawn’s lengthy romance with Kurt Russell in the same interview. She told the publication:

“I’m going to end up [like] Goldie Hawn, like 40 years engaged.” Russell and Hawn, who have been dating for almost 40 years, are not engaged.

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Who Was JWoww Previously Married To?

is jwoww married

JWoww was previously married to Roger Mathews from 2015 to 2019. The couple walked down the aisle in October 2015.

The couple had 2 children, a daughter Meilani born on July 13, 2014, and a son Greyson born on May 5, 2016. Farley requested a divorce in September 2018 on the grounds of irreconcilable differences.

On December 17, 2018, as she was going through her divorce from Mathews, she reported to the police that her ex-boyfriend Tom Lippolis, who she had dated for about ten years and had appeared with on the first seasons of Jersey Shore, had tried to extort $25,000 from her in exchange for not disclosing “her secrets” to the media.

He got arrested on December 19, 2018, for this offense. Farley and Mathews’ divorce was eventually finalized in August 2019.