Is Kallmekris Gay? Bringing Sexuality of Social Media Personality Into the Spotlight!

Is Kallmekris gay? Kristina Lee Halliwell Collins, popularly known online as KallMeKris, is a former hairdresser from Canada who now resides in British Columbia. She is well renowned for her short sketches, which can be between 30 and 60 seconds long.

At the beginning of COVID-19, she started posting on TikTok. She had 49.3 million followers as of June 2023, making her the 24th most popular TikToker worldwide and the most popular Canadian.

Many of her admirers are curious about her personal life because she has such a large social media following. Many people assume she is gay, particularly in light of her appealing demeanor and preference for maintaining her personal life in private.

So, is KallMeKris gay? Or are these rumors simply untrue? Without further ado, let’s read the article and learn the truth regarding Influencer’s sexual orientation.

Is Kallmekris Gay?

is kallmekris gay

No, Kallmekris is not gay. She prefers to keep her personal life private despite being famous and attractive and she does not like to label herself.

One factor contributing to these rumors is her choice to keep her hair short, which some may associate with a particular sexual orientation.

However, the truth is that she has addressed and clarified these rumors before. In October 2021, she uploaded a Q&A video where she was asked “ARE YOU AN ALLY OR MEMBER OF LGBTQ+” to which she answered:

“I’ve never had a label for myself necessarily I love whoever I love or wherever I want to be with or whatever girl guy or whatever I’m not opposed to any of it so I guess that’s pan as most people would say but I don’t necessarily have like a label so yeah that’s that so uh member and ally.”

This clarification should dispel any misconceptions and affirm Kallmekris’s stance on her sexual orientation.

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Who Is Kallmekris Dating?

is kallmekris gay

Kallmekris is not dating anyone at the moment. But as far as we know, the TikTok star and her ex-boyfriend Aaron Brown have been together for a considerable amount of time ever since they first met at a barbecue party between 2016 and 2017.

Her birthday was the next date, which she enjoyed and later reminisced about in a combined video, saying, “It was so much fun.” They also addressed issues like having children, getting a house together, and who proposed first.

The two admitted that they went to McDonald’s, saw Mad Max, and then spoke until daybreak in their hotel.

Kallmekris announced the end of their relationship later in 2021. Fans kept inquiring about her relationship status when they noticed that their social media posts no longer reflected their prior great connection.

She eventually turned to her TikTok to respond to followers who kept asking if she and her partner were still together or had broken up.

She first shared a video on her TikTok account [@kallmewhateveryouwant] on October 14 before leaving a comment.

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Her message provided further evidence that she had dumped her lover, as she stated:

Tired of being asked if we’re together…we’re still good friends and we care for each other dearly. Just grew apart