Is Katie Lee Pregnant Again? Life Full of Surprises! Announcing Pregnancy Just a Few Days after Engagement Announcement

Is Katie Lee Pregnant Again? The internet is buzzing with yet another news of a reported pregnancy. This time it’s our favorite chef, Katie Lee. Is the profound and most loved chef expecting another baby? Let’s look into the probable rumor and decode the reality behind this news.

is katie lee pregnant again

The Kitchen star, Katie Lee Biegel has made it to our hearts with her amazing recipes making it to our stomach cravings simultaneously. The chef made it to the heights of fame with her evergreen healthy yet mouth-watering and finger-licking recipes.

The host of the show also shared healthy life hacks for new moms and set an example for everyone by abiding by the lifestyle herself and successfully losing at least 55 pounds.

This is when her fame skyrocketed as she gained people’s trust by showing her journey of losing weight as a new mom after giving birth to her first child.

Katie Lee pregnant

Rumour or Not? Is Katie Lee Pregnant?

A recent rumor has been set to fire after Katie Lee was spotted with a cute baby bump, or maybe what people interpret as a baby bump. According to reports, a close source has disclosed that Katie Lee is expecting another child after three years of giving birth to her first child with her husband.

On Saturday, 29 July 2023, Katie was seen strolling with a prominent stomach bulge during a romantic dinner with her lovely long-time partner, Ryan Biegel. Another source added to the rumors, making the fans squeal with excitement. The source revealed that “she TWICE made toasts … by drinking water instead of wine”. 

Now this for sure points towards her being pregnant. I mean, who toast with a glass of water and not wine? Pregnant women aren’t supposed to drink alcohol and this suits as a perfect explanation as to why Katie Lee decided to avoid wine and go with water for a toast.

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Katie Lee pregnant

As we talk about the response from fellow chefs at The Kitchen and other sources; the chef’s rep avoided the question and stated

“I do not comment on her personal life”

Seems like we’ll have to wait a little longer for Katie Lee to announce her pregnancy and put an end to the wild guesses people have been making on the internet. Don’t worry Katie, we’ll wait patiently for you to clear the ‘baby bump’ and ‘wine-avoidance’ questions.