Is Katie Storm Pregnant? Is Baby on The Board for Reporter and Her Husband?

Is Katie Storm pregnant? In the world of journalism, Katie Storm is a well-known American reporter, celebrated for her captivating on-air presence and insightful reporting at Bally Sports North.

Recently, a wave of speculation has swept across social media platforms, stemming from some intriguing revelations made by Katie on her Instagram.

As fans and followers alike eagerly seek answers, the burning question on everyone’s mind is whether Katie Storm is indeed expecting a new addition to her life.

In this exploration, we delve into the rumors, dissect the evidence, and attempt to uncover the truth behind the swirling pregnancy rumors surrounding this talented and enigmatic reporter.

Is Katie Storm Pregnant?


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Yes, Katie Storm is pregnant. Katie Storm is indeed expecting a new addition to her family! She took to Instagram just seven days ago to share this heartwarming news with her devoted followers.

In that heartfelt post, Katie can be seen in a cozy picture, wrapped in her husband’s loving embrace, while holding up an ultrasound image that reveals the presence of a growing baby inside her stomach.

She captioned the post “So excited to announce our newest blessing! Baby Storm arriving in December 🤍” So the couple is going to welcome their child in December!

It’s a beautiful confirmation that Katie Storm is indeed pregnant, and her fans couldn’t be happier for this exciting new chapter in her life.

The followers were quick to respond to the news as one user wrote: “The news is out!!!! 😍 can’t wait to watch you guys become parents 🤍🤍”

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Who Is Katie Storm Married To?

is katie storm pregnant

Katie Storm’s personal life is a testament to love and commitment. She’s happily married to her husband, Ben Storm, and their journey as a couple has been nothing short of remarkable.

They managed to keep their relationship low-profile, dating back to their days at St. Cloud State University. It was only in January 2021 that they announced their engagement, surprising many of their fans.

The big day arrived on July 17, 2021, when the couple officially tied the knot. Katie couldn’t contain her excitement and shared the joyous news on her Instagram, accompanied by a heartfelt caption that read,

“07.17.21 – the day I married my best friend🤍 Officially Mr. & Mrs. Storm.”

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It was a beautiful moment of celebration, and their love story continues to inspire many.