Is Katie Thompson Pregnant? Debunking Rumors and Speculations!

Is Katie Thompson pregnant? Katie Thompson is an outstanding American journalist, anchor, and reporter who has created a reputation for herself in the extremely competitive industry of broadcasting.

She currently works as the transportation expert and traffic anchor at Wcvb News Center 5 in Boston, Massachusetts.

However, many viewers are also interested in learning more about Thompson’s private life. Online speculations about Katie Thompson’s pregnancy are circulating.

So, Katie Thompson is she actually expecting? Or are these rumors just untrue? Let’s read the article straight now to get the truth regarding her pregnant status.

Is Katie Thompson Pregnant?

is katie thompson pregnant

No, Katie Thompson is not pregnant. Recently, there have been some speculations circulating online that Katie Thompson is pregnant. It’s crucial to remember that none of these assumptions are true.

This time around, unlike the previous occasion when Katie was actually pregnant, there has been no formal declaration from her end regarding any pregnancy.

She has been significantly idle on her Facebook page, where she usually posts updates on her personal life, which has increased the doubt.

It is reasonable to assume, then, that the recent reports regarding Katie Thompson being pregnant are unfounded and should be treated with caution.

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Who Is Katie Thompson Married To?

is katie thompson pregnant

Katie Thompson is married to Tyler Falconer. They met through a dating app, and she agreed to go on a date with him at McNally’s Irish Pub.

On November 23, 2020, they announced their engagement. On September 5, 2021, they were married in a small ceremony at embrace church.

She often shares memorable moments with her husband on her Facebook page.

Who Is Tyler Falconer?

is katie thompson pregnant

Tyler Falconer is a Firefighter who works in Burlington, Massachusetts. He once ran a South Boston dog training facility.

Fire authorities placed him on paid leave after learning that he was accused of animal cruelty.

The dog training facility Falco k9 was owned and operated by Falconer until March 2023, when it was forced to close after complaints from clients that their dogs had been abused severely.

He was charged with three charges of animal cruelty and three counts of infringing on the laws governing canine tethering and imprisonment.

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Does Katie Thompson Have Any Kids?

is katie thompson pregnant

Yes, The couple is blessed with one beautiful child. In December 2021, the couple gave birth to a girl, whom they named Brynn Fallon Falconer.

On Facebook, Katie Thompson shared a post. Katie Thompson wrote in the post:

“Introducing Brynn Fallon Falconer

12/1/21, 4:53 am

6lbs 4 oz, 20 inches of love, and a head full of hair! Welcome to the world, little girl #wcvb”

Since the birth of her cute little angel her Facebook Page is filled with adorable photos of her and 2 of her pet dogs.