Is Katy Tur Pregnant? Let’s Have A Look At Katy Tur And Her Husband’s Happy Married Life

is katy tur pregnant

Katy Tur is a well-known journalist who has achieved great success in the media. She is one of the most well-known faces in American journalism thanks to her superb reporting abilities and endearing charm. 

The most often asked questions about Katy Tur, including those relating to her personal and professional life, her happy marriage, and her present status as a journalist will be covered in this article.

Katy Tur: Who Is She?

is katy tur pregnant

Katy Tur was born on October 26, 1983, to Zoey Tur and Marika Gerrard. One of her siblings is a physician named James Tur. Her father is broadcaster Zoey Tur, who is transgender. He had surgery to convert his gender from male to female in 2013. While her mother Marika had worked as a journalist and photographer

Katy has been married before. She wed Tony Dokoupil in Utah on October 27, 2017. Her husband Tony is an American writer and radio broadcaster. He is best recognized for being the co-anchor of CBS Mornings. Tony has experience working as a news correspondent for both MSNBC and CBS News.

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Is Katy Tur Pregnant Again In 2023?

is katy tur pregnant

Several spread suspicions about her third pregnancy as a result of gaining belly weight when she met with Laney Hawes, a Texas parent whose children attend Keller Independent School District. But, Katy hasn’t denied or confirmed the claims that she is pregnant.

In addition to having two stepchildren, Katy has two biological children. She married Tony Dokoupil on October 27, 2017. Tony’s first marriage, which is not his current one, produced two children.

On the other hand, prior to getting hitched, Katy was also romantically involved with Keith Olbermann. She now has four kids, including those from Tony’s first marriage. 

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Who Is Katy Tur’s Husband?

Tony Dokoupil, who is also a journalist, is the spouse of Katy Tur. Tony is a co-anchor for CBS This Morning right now, and he has previously worked for NBC News and MSNBC, among other news organizations. 

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On October 27, 2017, Katy and Tony exchanged vows in a secret ceremony in Utah. While working for MSNBC in 2015, the couple initially got to know one another, and they soon started dating. 

Tony and Katy have a happy marriage, and they frequently post photos of their family life on social media.

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