Kayla Braxton Sparks Pregnancy Buzz on Social Media! Latest Updates on WWE Broadcaster!

Kayla Braxton is one of the most well-known American broadcasters. From her time in WWE to her time as a sports broadcaster, she has been very well-known in both her personal and business lives.

Kayla Braxton is an American sportscaster who has signed with WWE and can be seen in many WWE shows. But she has signed with WWE under the name Kayla Braxton.

As a sports broadcaster, she has made a name for herself in the field of sports writing. She has excellent communication skills and can do everything a journalist should do with professionalism.

She went to Belmont University and got a degree in broadcast journalism. Even in college, she was very creative and talented; she even made her own entertainment shows. After she graduated, she made a name for herself in the journalism industry, and now she’s signed with WWE, where fans love her a lot.

Is Kayla Braxton Pregnant?

is kayla braxton pregnant

No, Kayla Braxton is not pregnant, according to official sources. She has dated a few WWE stars and other stars, but she has never officially stated whether or not she was pregnant.

Even though she just recently stated that she is bisexual, and since the only official confirmation of this kind comes from the celebrity herself, we can say for now that she is not pregnant.

With the kind of information that is out there, every news outlet wants to sell news, and it is common in the entertainment industry to make fun of celebrities or link them to strange or unofficial information. This time, it looks like Kayla’s pregnancy news is being spread.

But she isn’t pregnant, and even if she is, she hasn’t revealed any of these details about her pregnancy.

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Who is Kayla Braxton Dating?

is kayla braxton pregnant

Kayla Braxton is single as of April 2023. Some of you may already know that Kayla Braxton has dated a few WWE stars in the past, but she came out as bisexual in 2021 when she said on her social media accounts that she likes both men and women.

Among her past boyfriends, she dated Dolph Ziggler, who is one of the biggest names in WWE. At first, Dolph was her coworker, and she fell in love with him while doing her job as a WWE reporter. But soon, they broke up on a very sad note.

Not only did she date Dolph, but she also dated WWE announcer Bryon Saxton. According to sources, their relationship was very strong, but it didn’t last very long, so it ended their relationship.

The broadcaster is currently single and loving her single life. Sometimes she even writes on her social media accounts about what she plans to do on Valentine’s Day and other holidays. No matter how she was in a relationship in the past or is in a relationship now, her work is still loved and respected in the business.

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How Did Kayla Braxton Get Into the Broadcasting Business?

is kayla braxton pregnant

Fans of WWE know Kayla from the interviews she has given and the work she has done in the same business. She used to be a sports broadcaster, but after working in the sports business for a while, she signed a contract with WWE and started working there in 2016 as a host and ring announcer.

At first, she worked for the NXT brand of WWE. Later, she changed careers and became a backstage reporter, where she talked to the biggest and most famous WWE stars. So, she began to show up on SmackDown and Raw.

The most important thing about her job is that she got an interview with AJ Styles, which made her a lot more well-known in the business. So, we can say that she became well-known because of the WWE shows, which gave her the chance to meet some of the best and most-watched WWE stars.