Is Kelsey Kreppel Pregnant? The News Of Baby Left Fans Thrilled

Is Kelsey Kreppel Pregnant? YouTube star Cody Ko and fellow content creator and his wife, Kelsey Kreppel are definitely the the best YouTube couple of this year. The lovely newlywed moments they capture in their videos are enough to erupt a whole damn zoo in our stomachs.

The couple recently left their fans thrilled with a shocking revelation. The whole thing came out as a shock to some while others were manifesting this for a long time now.

Keep reading to uncover the secret details about the revelation of Kelsey Kreppel’s pregnancy.

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Is Kelsey Kreppel Pregnant?

is Kelsey Kreppel pregnant

Yes, Kelsey Kreppel is pregnant. Our ‘internet parents’ are finally ready to become parents in actual life. Kelsey Kreppel, along with her husband, Cody Ko, revealed via a joint Instagram post on August 6 that the couple would be welcoming a new member into their small family in January 2024.

This news broke the internet! The comment section was full of best wishes for the couple. The excitement in the comment box of the post was just next level. Not only us but even stars like Emma Chamberlain and Brittany Broski are excited.

We can’t wait for January 2024 to look at the little angel. And definitely can’t after looking at that sonogram picture the couple posted online.

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Kelsey Kreppel and Cody Ko’s Love Story

is Kelsey Kreppel pregnant

The fairytale love story of our favorite couple on the internet is not an ordinary one. Cody and Kelsey told The New York Times about their first meeting and how it just clicked between them.

The couple first met in 2017 when Kelsey’s roommate invited a few friends over. This list of few friends included Cody’s name as well. The meeting just felt fated and the two quickly began dating.

The two have shared multiple cute moments on their social media, as well as on YouTube, and it’s hard not to blush looking at them. The so-in-love couple got married in February 2023. We weren’t over their lovely, magical wedding, when we got another surprise by the couple- the news of their pregnancy.