Where Does Succession Go from That Big Cliffhanger?

The Roy family was at full-scale civil war in Season 3 of Succession, making it one of the most intense seasons of the show so yet.

The apparent death of Kendall Ray (Jeremy Strong), a main character, was one of the most startling parts of the show and has left viewers wondering what will happen next. The answers were ultimately revealed in the season finale of the HBO drama.

Does Succession Mean that Kendall Roy Is Dead?

Does Succession Mean that Kendall Roy Is Dead?

Since the conclusion of last night’s Season 3, Episode 8 of Succession, my Twitter feed has been flooded by fans lamenting Kendall Roy’s death. As well as they should. The program has been dropping hints for weeks that Kendall is struggling with suicidal thoughts and that a major death may be on the horizon.

Foreshadowing in the former seems to be mostly centered on Logan, the patriarch of the Roy family (Brian Cox), as both Alexander Skarsgard’s Matsson and Kieran Culkin’s Roman question him directly when Logan would die.

Kendall also tells his father that he will be “broken” when his father passes away. However, the death of Logan may be too predictable. A combination of Kendall’s recent debasement and his sorrowful, wistful gaze at the Vessel last week suggests that he is harming himself.

If Kendall were to die, it would not only tie in with the show’s recent hints but also with what J. Smith-Cameron, who plays Kendall on Succession, hinted at in Watch What Happens Life: The suicide of Kendall is deeply disturbing and will alter the course of the show’s future significantly.

The camera lingers on Kendall’s exhaled breath, which adds to the impression that he’s high. His family is all inside, leaving him completely alone. One moment like this would be enough to endanger Kendall’s life.

There’s a macabre lyrical symmetry there with Kendall’s Season 1 drowning murder of the young boy. A preview for Episode 9 of Season 3 of Succession has been posted by HBO, and Kendall does not make an appearance in it.

There’s a remark about how the family is struggling and how Logan’s influence is dwindling. All of the evidence points to Kendall being dead, but is he really? Is there anything else that HBO has shown or revealed that gives hope that Kendall will make it?

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In Succession, did Kendall Roy die?

In Succession, did Kendall Roy die?

The last scene was really open-ended, that’s for sure. There have been hints, mostly in the show’s second and third seasons, that Kendall has struggled with suicidal thoughts.

Last week, Kendall was observed staring somewhat uncomfortably out the window of his high-rise residence. Kendall was down in the dumps after his 40th birthday celebration, and his girlfriend Naomi Pierce (Annabelle Dexter-Jones) couldn’t cheer him up.

Kendall seems to have hit rock bottom after another season of struggling due to flashbacks of the waiter’s death from season one. He also seems to have lost another battle with his father, Logan.

Is Kendall contemplating suicide, or did the last scene only suggest that his drunken antics will soon result in tragedy? There was a lot of speculation regarding the episode’s content on social media before it aired.

Actor Arian Moayed, who plays Stewy Hosseini, tweeted the following on Sunday, hours before the show aired on Netflix: “Watch it live if you can or avoid social.”

Gerri Kellman’s actress, J Smith Cameron, warned that the ending will be “extremely distressing” and “a bit frightening” in a prior interview with Andy Cohen. Whatever the case may be, it appears that the drama in Tuscany will not end any time soon.

The show isn’t giving anything away just yet. Even if the Roy family’s hijinks are continuing in the season finale teaser, Kendall is nowhere to be seen. If anything had happened to Kendall, would they be acting so normal, or do they not know yet?

However, in a lengthy piece for The New Yorker published only hours before this episode aired, Strong discussed Kendall’s mental condition in the show’s closing episodes.

“He believes he’s soaring, but he’s ready to collapse any second,” Strong said. Jesse Armstrong, the showrunner for the series, has also said, “That high Kendall had, the potential of transformation, has diminished. This means he’s not in a very good position.