Is Keyshia Cole Gay? What Is the Sexuality of American Singer?

Is Keyshia Cole gay? American R&B and soul singer Keyshia Cole. Cole started her career as a supporting vocalist for MC Hammer after being born and raised in Oakland, California.

She released The Way It Is, her debut studio album, in 2005 after joining A&M Records. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) awarded the album a platinum certification, and it received two nominations for the 2006 Soul Train Music Awards.

One of the most popular shows in BET history, Cole appeared in the reality television series Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is, which ran from 2006 to 2008.

Due to the way, she expresses herself artistically, Keyshia has been assumed to be gay for a long time. So, is Keyshia Cole is gay? Or are these rumors just untrue? Without further ado, let’s read the article and learn the truth regarding Singer’s sexual orientation.

Is Keyshia Cole Gay?

is keyshia cole gay

No, Keyshia Cole is not gay. Because of a misconception that resulted from hearsay, Keyshia Cole is frequently misunderstood for being gay.

When she published the song “She” with the title shortly after divorcing her spouse, rumors started to circulate that she is lesbian but she denied the rumors shortly after in interviews.

Some people misunderstood the lyrics and believed the song was about a lesbian romance, inferring that Keyshia was homosexual.

However, she underlined that people may take the lyrics in different ways in later interviews and stressed that the song is genuinely about loving oneself.

Furthermore, Keyshia’s dating history unequivocally proves that she has only ever dated men, dispelling any suggestion that she is gay.

It’s crucial to remember that rumors frequently result in misunderstandings, so you should only depend on reliable information and the person’s own words to determine their genuine sexual orientation.

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Who Is Keyshia Cole Dating?

Keyshia Cole is not dating anyone at the moment as per various online sources. But she does have a couple of famous relationships. Keep reading below to find out more about her past relationships:

Daniel Gibson

is keyshia cole gay

According to Essence, Gibson and Cole started dating in 2009. They got married in a Hawaiian wedding the next year after being engaged in 2010. Daniel Hiram Gibson Jr., their son, was born in 2010.

Keyshia & Daniel: Family First, a one-season reality television program that aired on BET in 2012, included documentation of their relationship. After appearing in Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is from 2006 to 2008, it was Cole’s second television series.

The honeymoon phase, nevertheless, would soon come to an end. According to The Blast, the pair broke up in 2014. Cole requested a divorce in 2017 on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. Keyshia Cole: All In, a BET one-season reality television program, featured scenes of the separation.

Cole asked for equal legal and physical custody of their son in her divorce suit. She stated, according to HuffPost, “I’d just rather avoid that kind of questions for my son’s sake” in 2014 amid divorce rumors.

“We’ll know what’s going to happen as time passes…I only want to keep my son safe.No matter how much I despise this man, he will never be able to see his son out of my sight. Period.”

“All of those feelings have passed. Cole told RapUp that she had no feelings about the divorce when she visited The Breakfast Club in 2017. “I asked God for it. There have been occasions when I have genuinely questioned why and questioned, “Is it you?”

You’ll still be a slucket-bucket with or without me, I’ve just realized. That was spoken in jest but in all seriousness. You simply need to understand. No ill will exists. It occurred in the manner that it did. Everything takes place for a purpose.

The separation between Cole and Gibson was finally formalized in September 2020 after years of judicial battles. I’m so relieved that my divorce is now, at last, over! No, there is no Shade Post Promise here! , she said on Instagram, “Just a truly joyful post that the weight is removed from over both of our heads.

She discussed the breakup on The Breakfast Club a month later. She remarked, “To be on that show with Gib and look at all the things you’re doing, this is personal business,” according to Essence.

You guys should go to the reunion because, from what I recall, he stated something along the lines of, ‘Oh huh, I’m single now. I am free to do anything I choose. Sir, you were doing all of this when we were married, but, I said. This is not any different, so quit.

Keyshia dismissed co-host Angela Yee’s observation that Gibson was aggressively chasing Cole. Cole said, “And was acting like it was a God thing.” “God also stated. And this is God. And I reached a point when I said, “OK, stop using God.”

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Niko Khale

is keyshia cole gay

In a 2017 interview on The Breakfast Club, Keyshia Cole discussed the possibility of dating while Daniel Gibson and her were apart. “Yeah. I guess, huh,” she said. There is someone out there, but the process of getting to know them takes time and is rather sluggish.

People make errors and grow from them. Keyshia would announce the birth of her second child with Niko Khale two years later. Tobias Kale was born to them in August 2019, but a year later, they split up.

In 2019, Niko was classified by the Atlanta Black Star as an independent artist. The native of Washington, DC, goes by his own name but was earlier known as “Ace Primo.” Regarding the name change, he stated:

“I’m in a new place today. “Where achievements and leaving a legacy are important to me. I want my name to be synonymous with all of my achievements and contributions to hip-hop and society at large.

In the streets, I will always go by the name Primo, but my true identity is Niko Khalé; that is who I was born to be. I want to be recognized for who I am, not by a pseudonym.

In the summer of 2020, the pair stopped following one another, and by the fall of that year, their relationship was gone.