Is Kharishma The Vocalist Pregnant? Star Expecting A Baby?

Is Kharishma The Vocalist Pregnant? Kharishma The Vocalist is a famous South African singer and musician who has made her name in the music industry in a short time. Sealing her name in the South African music industry, she is moving forward with making global fans.

The star has been the target of some rumors regarding her personal life. There have been recent rumors about Kharishma The Vocalist being pregnant. The rumors have caught the attention of her fans and followers who are curious to know the truth behind it.

If you are one of us, keep reading the article to uncover the truth behind the rumors stating that Kharsihma The Vocalist is pregnant. is she really pregnant or are these mere rumors?

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Is Kharishma The Vocalist Pregnant?

No, Kharishma The Vocalist is not pregnant. The rumors began because of the recent change in her physical appearance, as noted by TikTok followers. The singer-songwriter has been focused on her new release for some time now and has not yet addressed the rumors surrounding her pregnancy.

Her latest song released on 26 August is breaking records and engulfing people in what we may call the ‘Kharishma effect’. There has been no talk about her pregnancy from her side or her close friends.

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Who Is Kharishma The Vocalist Dating?

is kharishma the vocalist pregnant

Kharishma The Vocalist is not dating anyone right now. According to some sites, Kharishma The Vocalist was romantically involved with Ba Bethe Gaoshaozen with whom she has also collaborated on several projects. However the two parted ways after a beef.

People had previously related Kharishma’s pregnancy news with her ex-beau. However, the rumors are most probably false and the star is not pregnant.