Is Kieran Culkin Deaf? The ‘She’s All That’ Question That Keeps Following the Actor!

Is Kieran Culkin deaf? Kieran Culkin is an accomplished American actor who kicked off his career with notable roles in films like Father of the Bride (1991), The Mighty (1998), and The Cider House Rules (1999).

However, it was his standout performance in Igby Goes Down (2002) that marked a turning point, earning him a Golden Globe nomination and a Critics’ Choice Movie Award.

Culkin’s talent continued to shine in projects like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010) and Succession, the HBO series where he portrayed Roman Roy, garnering critical acclaim and accolades.

Beyond the screen, Culkin made his mark on Broadway, debuting in the 24 Hour Plays in 2006 and returning for the 2014 revival of This is Our Youth.

Amidst his impressive career, rumors have circulated regarding his hearing, sparked by his role in the 90s classic She’s All That. Join us as we delve into the truth behind the speculation and unravel the details surrounding Kieran Culkin’s rumored deafness.

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Is Kieran Culkin Deaf?

is kieran culkin deaf

No, Kieran Culkin is not deaf. Despite the buzz generated by Kieran Culkin’s portrayal of Simon, the hearing aid-wearing little brother in the ’90s teen rom-com She’s All That, it turns out that there’s no real-life hearing impairment to speak of.

The confusion stems from the fact that Culkin’s character, Simon, dons hearing aids throughout the movie without the storyline ever delving into any hearing-related plot points.

In a candid interview with The Daily Beast, Culkin shed light on the burning question he often gets from friends about the film: “Why did you have hearing aids?” To which he humorously responds, “I don’t fucking know!”

It appears that the mysterious choice was purely aesthetic and not a reflection of Culkin’s actual hearing health.

In reality, the accomplished actor has never been spotted wearing hearing aids, and he has never publicly addressed any hearing-related concerns.

So, it turns out the ear-catching detail in She’s All That was just a cinematic quirk, leaving Kieran Culkin’s hearing in the real world perfectly intact.

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The Movie Never Explains Simon’s (Kieran Culkin) Hearing Aids

is kieran culkin deaf

You know that feeling when you’re channel surfing, and She’s All That just seems to be playing on every channel? It’s become one of those cult classics, even though it was just a moderate hit back in the day.

Now, fans of the movie can’t help but scratch their heads over one thing: Simon’s hearing aids. Throughout the entire film, Kieran Culkin’s character, Simon, rocks dual hearing aids, hinting that he might be hard of hearing.

The curious part? No one in the movie even mentions it. So, fans are left wondering if Simon is part of the Deaf community or if there’s some secret backstory.

And here’s the kicker: as already mentioned just like the fans, Kieran Culkin himself has no clue why his character was sporting those hearing aids. It’s one of those movie mysteries that linger long after the credits roll.