Is Kritika Malik Pregnant with Twins? A Deep Dive Into the Pregnancy Rumors Surrounding Mrs. Malik!!

Is Kritika Malik Pregnant with Twins? It’s been a few months since the famous YouTuber Armaan Malik and his wives, Payal Malik and Kritika Malik, became parents. 

Kritika, Armaan’s second wife, had a son named Zaid, while his first wife, Payal, had twins named Ayan and Tuba. The news that both Payal and Kritika were pregnant at the same time got a lot of attention.

Now, after a few months since Zaid was born, Kritika Malik is in the news once again. Wondering why? Well, Armaan Malik’s second wife, Kritika Malik, is pregnant once more. 

She’s one month pregnant, and she shared this news on her husband’s YouTube channel. But she also posted another video after that… Let’s find out what she talked about in that video.

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Is Kritika Malik Pregnant with Twins? An In-Depth Exploration of Pregnancy Rumors!!

is kritika malik pregnant with twins

No, Kritika Malik is not pregnant. In the year 2023, there was big news about Kritika Malik. People found out that she was going to have another baby. 

Kritika Malik is married to Armaan Malik, and she told everyone about her pregnancy just five months after their first baby, Zaid, was born.

This news about her having another baby became really famous on the internet. People talk about it a lot on platforms like YouTube. 

Armaan Malik, who is a well-known person, had already talked about the pregnancies of both his wives before.

Recently, Kritika Malik made a new video on her YouTube channel to tell everyone about her second pregnancy. She said she was one month pregnant and that the baby would probably be born in May or June of the next year. 

In the video, she also said that she took a pregnancy test at home but hadn’t gone to the hospital to confirm it yet. But in the next video, Kritika surprised everyone by saying it was all just a joke.

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When Pranks Go Wrong: Kritika Malik Faces Family’s Wrath Over Pregnancy Joke!!

is kritika malik pregnant with twins

In her recent video, Kritika Malik told her followers about a big blunder she made. She admitted that she tricked her family into thinking she was going to have a baby, but it was just a joke. 

Everyone in her family got really happy, and she got scared to tell them the truth after the day passed. However, it was her Sautan, Payal Malik, who scolded her for the prank. Kritika’s joke made everyone, especially Payal, very angry. Payal shouted at her and said:

“Tera dimag kharab hai Golu aisa kon majak karta hai. Kya majak kar rahi thi. Uper neeche sab jagah humen bol diya hai, yeh koi baat hoti hai. Tera dimag kharab hai aisa kon majak karta hai. 2 maaro iske mooh par. Yeh koi majak hota hai, unse puch jo pregnant nahi ho paate.”

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Meet the Family of You Tuber Armaan Malik: Wives and Children!!

is kritika malik pregnant with twins

For those who may not know, Armaan Malik got married to his first wife, Payal, in 2011, and they had a son named Chirayu Malik. 

After six years of being married to Payal, Armaan got married again in 2018, to Kritika, who happened to be Payal’s best friend. Importantly, he didn’t divorce his first wife when he married Kritika.

Then, on December 4, 2022, Armaan surprised everyone on the internet by announcing that both his wives, Kritika and Payal, were going to have babies. And now, Armaan is a happy dad with four kids: Chirayu, Tuba, Ayan, and Zaid.