Is Kyle Mann Gay? The Babylon Bee Star Came Out Of The Closet?

Is Kyle Mann Gay? Kyle Mann is the editor-in-chief of The Babylon Bee. The Christian-conservative satirical news site was recently associated with big names like Elon Musk when news of the site’s Twitter account being un-banned came out last year.

Getting the account back, Kyle Mann made a commotion on the app once again with his sense of humor. The tweets by the editor-in-chief leave followers in a daze. He recently made a joke which left fans confused. The tweet was “The joke is that soccer is gay”.

The internet is a funny place and here is how the rumors regarding Kyle Mann being gay began. Let’s unravel the truth behind Kyle Mann’s sexual orientation.

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Is Kyle Mann Gay?

is kyle mann gay

No, Kyle Mann is not gay. The rumor began because of a silly joke posted by Kyle Mann on Twitter. The tweet left many soccer fans furious, while others were trying to understand what the tweet mean.

Kyle Mann has never openly talked about his love interest or sexual identity in front of the public before and but considering his current relationship status it can be stated that he is not gay. No concrete evidence is available to back up the rumor and hence it stands baseless.

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Is Kyle Mann Married?

is kyle mann gay

Yes, Kyle Mann is married. The Babylon Bee star is a happily married man who tied the knot with his beloved wife Destiny long back. Details about their relationship before marriage and their married life are not yet disclosed. It is speculated that the two might have met back in college when Kyle was pursuing a Masters’ degree in Southern California.

However, the speculation is rejected by some fans as Kyle had also pastored a church in San Diego for several years after graduating and hence it must have been after that that he met his love lady. The couple has three kids together- Emmett, Samuel, and Calvin.