Is Kyra Cooney Cross Gay? Love Life, Relationship, Partner Exposed!

Is Kyra Cooney Cross Gay? Kyra Cooney Cross is a 21 years old Australian soccer player who plays as a forward for Melbourne Victory in W-League. The player has made a huge fanbase with her gameplay and skills. And is close to becoming a permanent member of the Matilda squad.

Playing on the field since she was 15, fans have always cherished Kyra as a child. Moreso, are protective about their star. Recently, fans have become more curious about Kyra Cooney Cross’ sexual orientation and love life.

Keep reading the article to know about the secret love life of the young star and to uncover if Kyra Cooney Cross is gay.

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Is Kyra Cooney Cross Gay?

is kyra cooney cross gay

No, Kyra Cooney Cross is not gay. Kyra is not a part of the LGBTQ+ community. The rumors began because of the recent uproar of players coming out of the closet. The 2023 World Cup has more than a hundred players who identify as gay or bisexual. Being a part of the Matildas, which again, is seen as the ‘gayest’ team, Kyra Cooney Cross was speculated to have been gay. However, this is not true.

Kyra Cooney Cross has never revealed about her sexual orientation on a public domain before and we respect her decision of doing so. Even if, in the future, she comes out as gay or bisexual or lesbian, we will support her.

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Who is Kyra Cooney Cross Dating?

is kyra cooney cross gay

Kyra Cooney Cross is not dating anyone at the moment. At the moment, Kyra is extremely focused on her career. Cooney-Cross was selected as Leah Blayney’s Young Matildas squad member for the 2019 AFC U-19 Women’s Championship and is only moving ahead with success on her way. As it is her first World Cup appearance, she is more serious this time. The talented star with a diverse skill set is making her name on the international platform.