Is Lando Norris Gay? Unfolding the Truth Behind Sexuality of Formula One Racer!

Is Lando Norris gay? Lando Norris is a Belgian-British racing driver competing under the British flag in Formula One for McLaren.

In addition to the Toyota Racing Series, Eurocup Formula Renault 2.0, and Formula Renault 2.0 Northern European Cup in 2016, he also won the MSA Formula title in 2015.

Lando Norris has been constantly involved in controversies on and off the track. Due to this Lando is always seen in the headlines.

People are now very much interested in Formula One racer’s personal life, especially his sexuality with many people believing he is gay.

So is Lando Norris gay? Or are these rumors just baseless? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about his sexual orientation.

Is Lando Norris Gay?

is lando norris gay

No, Lando Norris is not gay. The false rumors spread because once the Formula 1 driver competed in a Grand Prix while wearing a race suit with a rainbow pattern.

A video on McLaren’s YouTube channel subsequently showed that the outfit was really a rainbow livery for his McLaren MCL35. His typical orange stripes were instantly noted by Tumblr users.

Although there were suggestions that the rainbow suit would be a symbol of LGBTQ+ rights, McLaren subsequently clarified that this was not the design’s goal.

Instead, the rainbow livery was created to promote inclusiveness and diversity within Formula One as well as to commemorate these values.

Fans also backed Norris and the team for their initiatives to promote inclusivity and diversity in sports, regardless of the suit’s intended message.

Despite this occurrence, his dating history makes it quite evident that he has only dated women in the past, which is sufficient evidence that he is straight.

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Who Is Lando Norris Dating?

is lando norris gay

Lando Norris is not dating anyone at the moment. He was rumored to be dating Magui Corceiro after The US Sun reported they were spotted driving around Monaco in Mat 2023.

After a video showing F1 star Lando Norris driving around the streets of Monaco with none other than Chelsea striker Joao Felix’s ‘lover,’ Magui Corceiro appeared on social media, speculations of all kinds started to circulate.

The two were seen traveling through the quaint alleyways of the Microstate, which will play home to the F1 Grand Prix on May 28, in what seemed to be a blue vintage Fiat.

The little video went viral right away but was then inexplicably removed, which just served to spread suspicions further.

We are aware that the relationship between Chelsea loanee Joao Felix and Portuguese model Magui Corceiro, which started in 2019 when the former was 20 and the latter was just 17, has not yet come to an end.

When Félix joined Atlético, the pair relocated to Spain, and their romance seemed to be continuing strong.

Having said that, there have been reports coming out of Portugal that the pair may have ended their four-year relationship secretly, and these most recent photos have only served to confirm those allegations.

There are many concerns right now about Corceiro and Norris, including what Corceiro was doing with Norris in Monaco if she is still allegedly seeing Joao Felix. Since the footage was made public, neither the F1 driver nor the model has commented.

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Lando Norris’ Past Relationship

is lando norris gay

Lando Norris dated a Portuguese model by the name of Luisinha Oliveira from August 2021 to September 2022.

She goes by the full name Luisinha Barosa Oliveira. She is a 22-year-old model from Portugal. She is managed by the Portuguese modeling agency Central Models.

Luisinha and Norris both have more than 365k and 6 million followers on Instagram, respectively. Luisinha Oliveira and Lando Norris began dating on August 10 and celebrated their first anniversary on that day in 2022.

Formula One driver Lando Norris allegedly ended his eight-month relationship with model Luisinha Oliveira in September 2022.

When it was discovered that Norris had made plans to meet a new model at McDonald’s before the Dutch Grand Prix, the relationship ended.

The Dutch woman was asked to join him for burgers and fries at his fancy hotel despite the fact that “I’m single now,” according to messages from Norris’ Instagram account that were hacked.

After the notes were published online, Norris begged the model in secret to take them down. Shortly after, he announced Oliveira and he had split up to the world on Instagram, stating they had “mutually decided” to do so and wished her the best.

After the separation, Oliveira cryptically wrote on Instagram, “Enjoy every given moment.” Later, Norris took down the post he had made about their breakup.