Is Laura Wright Pregnant? Exploring the Real Story Behind the Pregnancy Rumors in 2023!!

Is Laura Wright Pregnant? Carly, the character played by Laura Wright on the TV show General Hospital, is a really good actress. She acted in other shows too, like All My Children, Guiding Light, Loving, and The City. She was also in a movie called Joy in 2015, where she had a small role as Clarinda.

Laura won awards for her acting in General Hospital, like the Daytime Emmy Award and the Soap Hub Award. Carly Corinthos, the character she plays, is tough and brave, but people can both love and not like her at the same time. 

She’s not easy to mess with, and she does things her own way, not caring what others think. Now, some people are wondering if Laura is going to have a baby. This also makes people talk about Carly’s relationships in real life. Keep reading the article to find out whether Laura Wright is pregnant or not.

Is Laura Wright Pregnant? Unveiling the Current Rumor Surrounding the Pregnancy!!

Is Laura Wright Pregnant

From what we hear from sources, Laura Wright is not pregnant right now. If she was going to have a baby, she would probably tell her fans on her social media. 

Since she hasn’t said anything about being pregnant, we can guess that she’s not. Even her husband hasn’t said anything about it, so it’s likely she’s not pregnant.

People are talking about Laura Wright being pregnant, and this makes us think about her own life. In 1995, she got married to a person who designs buildings, an architect named John Wright

But their marriage didn’t work out well, and they both decided to get a divorce together in 2016. This happened after many years of being married.

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Exploring the Love Story of Laura Wright: Getting to Know the Husbands Who Played Important Roles in Her Life!!

Is Laura Wright Pregnant
Laura Wright with her ex-husband John Wright and their kids.

In 1995, Laura Wright got married to John Wright. They had two children, Lauren, who is 19 years old, and John, who is 17 years old. But in 2016, Wright said that she and John had been living apart for more than a year and were getting a divorce.

However, Laura has children with John, so she’s already a mom. Now, what about her love life? Since her divorce, especially in 2017, she has been in a romantic relationship with someone who also acts on General Hospital, Wes Ramsey

They are not married, but they’re a happy couple. They haven’t said anything on social media about Laura being pregnant. There’s no hint about it at all. So, it’s safe to say that the actress who plays Carly in General Hospital is not pregnant in real life.

Laura Wright and Wes Ramsey really love each other. But they haven’t said anything about wanting to have kids in the near future. 

This makes the pregnancy rumors seem like they’re not true. Both of them seem to be very busy with their work and have a lot to do. It’s their life, and we should respect whatever choice they make.

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Laura Wright: Discovering Deeper into the Life and Achievements of the Talented Actress!!

Is Laura Wright Pregnant

Laura Wright is an actress from the United States. She’s well-known for acting as Ally Rescott in Loving and The City, Carly Corinthos in General Hospital, and Cassie Layne Winslow in Guiding Light. In 2011, she got a Daytime Emmy Award for being really good in a drama series.

Laura also had a small part in the movie Joy in 2015, where she was in it with other actors from General Hospital, like Maurice Benard and Donna Mills. She was also in a movie for Lifetime called Deadly Patient, which came out on December 14, 2018.