Is Lexi Rivera Pregnant? Social Media Influencer Expecting Her First Baby?

Is Lexi Rivera Pregnant? Lexi Rivera is an American social media influencer and a professional Instagrammer. It is impossible that you have not stumbled upon her social media page while surfing on the net or scrolling through your Instagram explore page.

The social media sensation is often surrounded by rumors and controversies about her personal life and content. Recently, the internet has been engulfed with rumors about Lexi Rivera being pregnant.

To debunk the rumors about Lexi Rivera’s pregnancy, read this article till the end. The article also covers the secrets of her current love life and plans.

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Is Lexi Rivera Pregnant?

No, Lexi Rivera is not pregnant. Lexi began her career in 2010 and further got her fanbase after appearing a few times on her brother Brent’s YouTube channel. She posted her first YouTube video in 2018 and usually pulls pranks on her fans, friends, and family.

In 2019, she shared a video titled “I’m PREGNANT”. The video was a prank on her fans and friends and drew a large number of viewers on YouTube. It is only after this that people have been curious about Lexi Rivera’s love life and possible pregnancy. Relax guys! It was just a prank and we’d know if Lexi Rivera ever plans on expanding her family and welcoming a child.

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Who Is Lexi Rivera Dating?

is lexi rivera pregnant

Lexi Rivera is possibly dating Andrew Davilla. Lexi has been quite open about her love life and romantic relationships on social media. She was previously in a romantic relationship with Ben Azelart who is another popular YouTuber and TikTok star.

Her relationship with Ben had its ups and downs and the two decided to formally end their relationship in 2020 as they announced it on their YouTube channel.

“We were 15 and 16 when this all started. We went through some of the most changing years of our lives, and I think just throughout those years, we changed as people. Right now, we’re just better off as friends.”