Is Lucy Pargeter Married? Delving Into the Personal Life of Emmerdale Star Lucy Pargeter!!

Is Lucy Pargeter Married? Emmerdale’s Lucy Pargeter has introduced two new members of her family that fans love. She is famous for playing Chas Dingle on the TV show. 

Chas has had a hard time in the village recently because she had a secret relationship with Al Chapman, which caused her marriage to Paddy Kirk to fall apart.

But in real life, Lucy’s life is much calmer. You can see pictures of her daughters, Lola, who is 17, and her twins, Missy and Betsy, who are 6, on her Instagram page. And, if you want to learn more about this famous star, you’re in the right place.

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Is Lucy Pargeter Married? Is She Currently Married or Single?

is lucy pargeter married

No, Lucy Pargeter is not married as of now. Lucy Pargeter is a loving mom to her three kids: Lola, Missy, and Betsy. She had these children during her relationship with Rudi Coleano, which lasted more than ten years.

Looking closer at their story, Lucy and Rudi were together for 12 years and had three daughters together. 

In 2019, they decided to go their separate ways, but they still work together as parents. The reasons for their breakup are private, and they both agreed on it.

In 2021, Lucy shared some good news. She talked about a new relationship, but she didn’t say who it was with. However, you can see from her face and words that she’s really happy.

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Meet the Newest Additions to Lucy Pargeter’s Family!!

Lucy Pargeter often shares pictures of her daughters, Lola (who is 17 years old) and her twin sisters, Missy and Betsy, who are 6 years old, on her Instagram page.

Recently, their family got even bigger with two new four-legged members. Lucy shared pictures of their cute puppies on her Instagram and said: 

“Two more additions to the house of madness!!!! Anything to make my girls smile”

The photos showed the adorable puppies cuddling and taking a nap together.

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Exploring Lucy Pargeter’s On-Screen Romances: A Look at Her TV Relationships!!

is lucy pargeter married

Regarding love in Emmerdale, Lucy Pargeter’s character, Chas Dingle, has had her fair share. She got married to Carl King, but their relationship was tough, and they got divorced. 

She’s also had an on-again, off-again love story with the nice vet, Paddy Kirk. And on top of all that, people in the village are talking about the possibility of her having a secret relationship with a mysterious guy named Al Chapman.