Is Luis Rubiales Married? Meet His Wife

Is Luis Rubiales Married? Luis Rubiales is a popular football player who played as a defender for the Spanish team. Appearing in 53 La Liga matches over three seasons, he has surely earned a name for himself on the international platform.

This makes it obvious and understandable that people in general, and his fans and followers in particular, have been super-interested in knowing more about him. This curiosity doesn’t stop at his professional skill set and plans but extends to engulf his personal life and relationships as well.

Recently there have been rumors surrounding Luis Rubialies’ marriage and people have been interested in knowing about his wife, that is, if he has one. Keep reading the article to unravel the mystery behind Luis Rubiales’ married life and to know more about Luis Rubiales’ wife.

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Is Luis Rubiales Married?

is luis rubiales married

No, Luis Rubiales is not married, at least not yet. The star rarely opens up about his private life. There is no information regarding his marriage or married life. Fans have also been curious if he has been married and divorced. The answer to this is also a NO. Luis Rubiales has never been married.

Currently, Luis Rubiales is the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation and is widely known for being a tenacious player. He has been criticized in various instances for his actions but is a reputable player. The rumors surrounding his marriage are baseless and we can only wait for Rubiales to announce his marriage in the future if he ever decides to get married.

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Is Jennifer Hermoso Rubiales’ Wife?

is luis rubiales married

No, Jennifer Hermoso is not Luis Rubiales’ wife. The rumors began when Luis Rubiales was spotted kissing Hermoso after they had won the women’s 2023 FIFA World Cup. This created havoc and the news headlines the next day were full of questions regarding their relationship and the intimate moment.

The two have not yet addressed the rumors and Luis Rubiales has not explained his action of kissing the professional football player who plays for Liga MX Femenil club CF Pachuca and the Spain women’s national team.