Is Luke Spiller Gay? Debunking the Rumors Surrounding The Struts Frontman’s Sexual Orientation!

Is Luke Spiller gay? Luke Spiller, the electrifying frontman of the British glam-rock sensation, The Struts, has been making waves in the headlines once again.

Recently, the band provided a thrilling glimpse of their upcoming album, “Pretty Vicious,” during a performance on Good Morning America, leaving fans eagerly anticipating its November 3 release.

However, it’s not just their music that’s piqued the public’s interest; there’s a growing curiosity about Luke’s personal life, particularly his sexuality.

In this article, we delve into the question on many minds: “Is Luke Spiller gay?” Let’s explore the facts, speculations, and the artist behind the sensational performances.

Is Luke Spiller Gay?

is luke spiller gay

No, Luke Spiller is not gay. Some fans and observers have pointed to his androgynous style and his choice to wear makeup and flamboyant outfits as indications of his being part of the LGBTQ+ community.

However, it’s important to remember that fashion and style do not necessarily determine one’s sexual orientation. It’s worth noting that Luke Spiller’s band, The Struts, has always advocated for inclusivity and acceptance.

They’ve been vocal supporters of LGBTQ+ rights and have performed at Pride events, expressing their commitment to equality and love. This has led some to believe that Spiller’s advocacy could be a reflection of his own personal experiences or beliefs.

It’s important to note that Luke Spiller has only dated women in the past which serves as enough evidence to prove that Luke Spiller’s sexual orientation is straight.

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Who Is Luke Spiller Currently Dating?

is luke spiller gay

It seems that Luke Spiller, the frontman of the popular rock band The Struts, is happily in a relationship with his long-time girlfriend, Laura Cartier Millon.

The couple appears to be savoring their moments together, whether it’s celebrating special occasions or enjoying romantic getaways.

Laura Cartier Millon, a well-known French model, has made quite a name for herself in the fashion industry. She’s represented by the prestigious Wrenn Management agency and boasts an impressive following of over 69,000 Instagram fans.

On her Instagram, she frequently shares stunning modeling shots that showcase her elegance and style.

In addition to her modeling career, Laura also serves as an influencer for several renowned brands, including God Save Queens, Same, and Burga Phone Cases.

Her journey as an influencer began in September 2012 when she first started posting those captivating modeling images on her Instagram account.

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What’s truly heartwarming is that this beautiful couple began their journey together in 2014, and their love story continues to this day.

While they may not have shared recent images of their adventures on Instagram, sources confirm that Luke and Laura are still very much in love.

It’s evident that their connection is strong, even if they choose to keep some aspects of their relationship more private.