Is M Lamar Gay? Why Is the Sexuality of American Composer a Topic of Debate?

Is M Lamar gay? M Lamar whose real name is Reginald Lamar Cox, is an American composer, artist, and performer. He is a pianist and operatic countertenor whose work combines performance, installation, cinema, and sculpture.

According to HUFFPOST, Lamar, who is Laverne Cox’s identical twin, portrayed his sister’s pre-transition persona in two episodes of the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black.

Some individuals think M Lamar is gay because of the persistent media reports about him being gay that persist despite the absence of supporting proof.

So is M Lamar really gay? Or are these rumors just baseless? Let’s go right to it and read the article to get the truth about the American composer’s sexual orientation.

Is M Lamar Gay?

is m lamar gay

M Lamar does not want to label himself gay. In spite of the fact that he has had sexual relationships with boys, Lamar does not label himself as homosexual.

He has always defined being homosexual differently than how others have in the past. He made it plain in one of the interviews that he would enter into a relationship with anyone, whether they were females, boys, or queers. He stated:

“I don’t define myself as gay…in a good way. It wasn’t about a boyfriend always. In the scenes I was in, people just hooked up randomly. It could be with a boy or a girl. It was all good. I always had game too!”

He continued:

“Everyone can define themselves however they want. I’ve chosen to reject gay as a term for myself. I’m interested in the behavior of sexuality.”

Despite admitting to relationships with boys he still does not label himself as gay and said many times that “he is not gay but it’s okay if you are.”

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Who Is M Lamar Dating?

is m lamar gay

M Lamar is dating his boyfriend whose name is unknown as of now. On June 19th, M Lamar, the talented artist, and musician, surprised his followers with a revealing post on social media.

In the photograph, he can be seen sporting a pair of underwear with a caption that read,

“It’s probably too late for me to become an underwear model lol. I don’t actually even wear underwear. I bought these Rick undies for my boyfriend. So silly that I am posting this!! Oh well… I am silly sometimes.”

It’s not uncommon for M Lamar to mention his romantic relationships, as he has previously acknowledged having a boyfriend. However, the enigmatic artist has always kept the identities of his partners private.

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In a tweet from 2020, he shared:

“My boyfriend was just telling me that people who have experienced a lot of trauma in their lives may have an easier time adjusting to this new reality. What do you all think?”

Although the name of his current partner remains unknown to the public, it is evident that M Lamar is happily dating someone special.