Is Magnus Ferrell Gay? Going on a Night Out With Deacon Phillippe Sparks Dating Rumors!

Is Magnus Ferrell gay? Magnus Paulin Ferrell, better known as Magnus Ferrell, is a rising American actor whose talents have begun to shine in the entertainment world.

Starting his journey as a child actor, he’s made appearances in notable films such as ‘Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013)’ and ‘If You Build The House, They Will Come (2017).’

Born into a family deeply rooted in Hollywood, with his father Will Ferrell, mother Vives Paulin Ferrell, and grandfather Roy Lee Ferrell all making their mark in the industry, Magnus comes from a lineage of talent. His grandfather’s legacy even includes playing the saxophone for the Righteous Brothers.

Currently residing in New York with his parents and siblings, Axel Paulin Ferrell and Mattias Paulin Ferrell, Magnus has been grabbing headlines, particularly for his night out with Deacon Phillippe, which has piqued public curiosity about his personal life, especially regarding his sexuality. In this article, we delve into the topic and aim to shed light on Magnus Ferrell’s sexual orientation.

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Is Magnus Ferrell Gay?

is magnus ferrell gay

Magnus Ferrell has not disclosed his sexuality as of now. Speculation about Magnus Ferrell’s sexuality began when he was spotted out for a night on the town with Deacon Phillippe, drawing the attention of various media outlets and raising eyebrows among viewers.

The two 19-year-olds, Deacon Phillippe, son of Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, and Magnus Ferrell, eldest son of Will Ferrell and Viveca Paulin, were photographed arriving at the popular celebrity spot, Craig’s, in Los Angeles, California.

Deacon wore a dark green dress shirt, unbuttoned at the top, and oversized, ripped jeans, complemented by a brown hat. Meanwhile, Magnus sported a green sweater, gray pants, and black shoes.

This night out followed their celebration of Magnus’s new single, “Drinks on Me,” performed at The Vermont Hollywood, with Deacon serving as the opening act.

The event was hosted in collaboration with Smile Train, an international charity supporting cleft lip and palate treatment. Magnus expressed his excitement on Instagram, posting photos and a video of himself singing “Sweet Caroline.”

It’s worth noting that despite their Boys’ night out in LA, neither Magnus nor Deacon has confirmed they are dating or in a gay relationship, and some Reddit users have clarified that they are not romantically involved.

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Who Is Magnus Ferell Dating?

is magnus ferrell gay

It appears that Magnus Ferell is not dating anyone at the moment. The 19-year-old’s dating life remains a private matter.

A quick scroll through his Instagram feed reveals that he hasn’t publicly shared any details about his romantic relationships.

While his dating preferences are a mystery, one thing we do know is that he’s inherited a sense of humor from his famous father.

Will Ferrell once mentioned in a 2018 interview with Parade that Magnus is quite the jokester, describing him as “subtly funny.”

The proud dad shared a humorous anecdote about his son, recalling a picture day at school where Magnus borrowed another kid’s glasses, despite not needing them.

The result was a yearbook photo with Magnus wearing glasses and a very serious expression, showcasing his playful and humorous side, much like his dad.