Is Manuela on The Price Is Right Pregnant? Unraveling the Truth Behind the Bump Buzz!!

Is Manuela on The Price Is Right Pregnant? For many years, The Price Is Right has been a favorite show in our homes. We all enjoy the thrill of contestants getting chosen and trying to guess the prices of cool prizes. Plus, the show’s announcer, George Gray, keeps the energy high.

If you’re a longtime viewer of The Price Is Right, you probably recognize Manuela Arbeláez. She’s been a model on the show for over a decade. 

However, lately, some fans have noticed that she’s been missing. So, what’s going on with her? Is she expecting another baby and trying to keep it a secret? Here’s what we’ve learned!!

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Rumor Mill Spins: Is Manuela on The Price Is Right Pregnant?

is manuela on the price is right pregnant

No, Manuela Arbeláez is not expecting a child at this time. For more than ten years, prize giveaways by famous models and frequent participants in The Price Is Right Manuela Arbeláez have delighted audiences. 

Fans have fallen in love with Manuela because of her gorgeous appearance and endearing demeanor, along with host Drew Carey. 

During the off-season, Manuela travels, which is one of her major hobbies, while she’s not on the show. She regularly posts gorgeous bikini pictures to Instagram, documenting her enjoyable travels to many stunning locations.

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More About Manuela Arbeláez’s Children and Preganancies!!

Manuela has traveled to many destinations and had treasured experiences. In March 2019, Manuela excitedly revealed that she and Matthew Doherty were expecting their first child together during a memorable episode of The Price Is Right. 

She was so happy that she hugged her growing baby bump and thanked the audience and an overjoyed Drew Carey. The couple’s amazing journey began when they received the news.

Manuela and Matthew made another wonderful announcement in April 2022: they were expecting their second child. The Colombian TV star showed off her great sense of maternity style during her second pregnancy. 

She posted an Instagram video, mockingly exhibiting various lingerie sets and praising the lovely changes her body was going through, barely two months after she made the announcement.

Prior to welcoming their newest member into the world, the family took a wonderful trip to Italy. In addition to capturing the magical moments on camera, Manuela also took an amazing poolside photo of herself looking stunning in a beige bikini and floppy hat. 

Manuela gave birth to their second child, a beautiful daughter called Madeline Mercedes Doherty, on October 18, 2022. As a family of four now, they treasure the time they spend together by the sea, making priceless memories that will last a lifetime.