Is Marion Bartoli Pregnant? Professional Tennis Player To Expand Her Family?

Is Marion Bartoli Pregnant? Marion Bartoli is a former professional tennis player who played for France and gained international recognition for her notable achievements on the field. She is known as the first French woman to win the Wimbledon singles title since 2006.

Recently, there have been rumors surrounding her personal life. The rumors about Marion Bartoli’s pregnancy sprang up after she was spotted on a dinner date last month. A prominent baby bump in the pictures is visible, which has sparked controversy regarding Marion Bartoli’s pregnancy.

Keep reading the article to know if Marion Bartoli is pregnant or if it is another hoax. Was the possible baby bump real or just because of her slight weight gain? What is the truth behind the pregnancy rumors?

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Is Marion Bartoli Pregnant?

is marion bartoli pregnant

No Marion Bartoli is not pregnant. However, the star has not confirmed or denied the rumors, but after conducting thorough research and analyzing her social media accounts, we found that Marion Bartoli is not pregnant. The potential pregnancy rumors began when she was spotted on a romantic dinner date on July 10, 2023.

In the recent pictures of Bartoli, fans noted a slight change in her physical appearance and the focus was particularly on the visible protrusion on her stomach. However, we still await the star to make an official announcement and address the pregnancy rumors.

Some fans are also worried with the outbreak of the news because of the health difficulties Marion Bartoli has faced previously in her life.

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Marion Bartoli Husband

is marion bartoli pregnant

Marion Bartoli is married to Yahia Boumediene, who is a skilled football player of Belgian-Moroccan nationality.

Boumediene played a significant part in Bartoli’s life, coming in like a knight in shining armor when she needed someone to drag her out of her dark past. The lovely couple tied the knot in December 2019

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Marion Bartoli Health Issues

is marion bartoli pregnant

Marion Bartoli has confirmed the health difficulties previously. In 2016, she encountered a significant weight loss, exceeding 40 pounds. The underlying reason for the same was an undisclosed infection. She told The Guardian

“It was definitely the most challenging moment of my life.”

The star later posted a picture of her in the hospital going through the procedure of bool transfusion, signifying her recovery progress on Twitter. At the time, she also suffered from mental health issues because of her ex-partner. However, she successfully made it through the dark phase of her life.