Is Mary Fowler Single? Australian Soccer Player Confessed To Be In A Relationship?

Is Mary Fowler Single? Mary Fowler is a rising star of the Australia Women’s team and is showing a phenomenal skill set on FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. Being a part of the Matildas, she is currently a topic of conversation in many sports fan groups.

A reason other than her gameplay, she is also popular among news headlines these days because of her sexual orientation and dating life. As Matildas’ latest documentary on Disney+ came out, many fans are curious about the private lives of the players. On the same track, fans, and critics are curious about the love life of Mary Boio Fowler.

Keep reading the article to uncover the secret love life of Mary Fowler and unravel the secret behind her sexuality. is Mary Fowler single? or is she secretly dating someone?

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Is Mary Fowler Single?

is mary fowler single

Yes, Mary Fowler is currently single. The professional American soccer player who plays for Manchester City and the Australian national team is currently not seeing anyone. Fans became extremely curious about her relationship status when some of her teammates and fellow Matildas revealed their romantic relationships on the Disney+ documentary Matildas: The World At Our Feet.

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Is Mary Fowler Lesbian?

is mary fowler single

Mary Fowler is not lesbian. As of now, there are no authentic sources or evidence to confirm whether Mary Fowler is lesbian or not. The rumors particularly began when a lot of team players of Matildas came out and confessed to being gay. In addition to this, she usually posts pictures with her girlfriends on her Instagram account, which made fans curious about her sexuality.

Mary Fowler has never made any official or public statement regarding her sexual orientation. She is rather private about her dating life and prefers to keep things under cover when it comes to sensitive matters such as her sexual orientation.

She also revealed in an interview that she is not biased towards sexuality and that personality and nature are what she thinks are critical for her rather than gender identification.