Is Matt Schlapp Gay? Rumors Surface After The Lobbyist Gets Accused Of Sexual Assault!

Political activist Matt Schlap of the United States is in the news due to rumors that he is gay. When rumors concerning the former White House political director circulated, this caught the attention of his admirers.

But are all the rumors true? Or are they just untrue? This article will tell you all there is to know about Matt Schlap. Keep reading!

Is Matt Schlapp Gay?

Is Matt Schlapp Gay?

No, Matt Schlapp Is Not Gay.  Schlapp met Mercedes (Mercy) Viana Schlapp while they were both officials of the White House, where she oversaw specialties media. They later got married in 2002. Together, they are parents to five kids. 

Schlapp has lately been accused of sexual assault, which sparked the rumors. Despite Schlapp’s denial of the accusations, there is still disagreement on the internet and among his supporters on the veracity of the claims.

What Is The Controversy Matt Schlapp Involved In?

Is Matt Schlapp Gay?

The allegations against Republican activist Matt Schlapp, who chairs the organization that runs the Conservative Political Action Conference, have been circulating for the past few days, as contemporaneous text messages shared with CNN seem to support them.

The texts, which were sent in October, show a GOP strategist for Herschel Walker’s senate campaign consulting a friend for advice on what to do after he claims Schlapp touched him in the car during an outing in an Atlanta nightclub.

Schlapp has a strong relationship with former president Donald Trump, whose government his wife worked in from 2017 to 2019 as the communications director, and whose misleading statements regarding the 2020 election he has repeated.

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Who Is  Matt Schlapp?

Is Matt Schlapp Gay?

Matt Schlapp, the chairman of the American Conservative Union, the oldest conservative lobbying group in the nation, is an American political activist and lobbyist. He is the CEO of Cove Strategies, a lobbying firm. He also offers political commentary on Fox News.

He co-founded Alexandria, Virginia-based Cove Strategies, a communications and political consulting firm, with his wife, Mercedes. She worked for the Trump administration as Director of Strategic Communications from September 2017 to July 2019. She has contributed to the Trump 2020 campaign since July 2019.

Schlapp joined Koch Industries, which has its headquarters in his hometown of Wichita, Kansas, as a lobbyist in 2004. He oversaw key federal public policy efforts on environmental and energy regulations, financial markets, legal reform, and foreign and domestic tax concerns in his capacity as vice president of federal affairs at Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC.

Schlapp advised the President, the Vice President, members of the cabinet, and top White House officials, and had substantial interaction with members of Congress and government agencies during his time at the White House as George W. Bush’s political director.

Schlapp was selected as the American Conservative Union’s leader on June 19, 2014, by all voters.

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What Is Matt Schlapp’s Net Worth?

Is Matt Schlapp Gay?

According to All Famous Birthday, Matt Schlapp has an estimated net worth of $5 million. He made the majority of his money as a professional lobbyist.