Is Matt Turner Gay? Opposing Anti-Gay Chants After the Win Sparks Speculations!

Is Matt Turner gay? American goalkeeper Matt Turner represents the United States national team and Premier League club Arsenal as a professional soccer player.

After Thursday night’s Concacaf Nations League (CNL) semifinal controversial match in which anti-gay chants by Mexico supporters which overshadowed match results, the sexuality of the USA Goalkeeper has been speculated on a large scale.

So, is Matt Turner really gay? Or are these rumors just baseless? Let’s not waste time and dive into the article to discover the truth about soccer player’s sexuality.

Is Matt Turner Gay?

is matt turner gay

No, Matt Turner is not gay. He is mistaken as gay because of the Thursday’s CONCACAF Nations League semi-final between USA and Mexico in which anti-gay slurs were chanted by Mexico supporters.

When United States goalie Matt Turner kicked the ball across the field, fans chanted “puto,” a homophobic slur, and the game was momentarily halted while warnings were issued to the fans.

The “puto” slur, which is frequently used to demean someone’s manhood and refers to male prostitutes, essentially translates to “faggot” in Mexican Spanish. About the entire affair, Matt Turner stated:

Turner remarked after the victory that “[The chant] goes against everything that we stand for on our side,” according to Jeff Carlisle of ESPN.

“We’ve been very open and vocal about the strength of our team being our diversity, the strength of our nation being its diversity. So to use something so divisive during a spirited game…it has no place in the game.”

People began to believe that he is gay as a result of his resistance to anti-gay insults. However, in actuality, he has been married to his wife for more than a year which is sufficient evidence that he is straight.

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Who Is Matt Turner Married To?

is matt turner gay

Matt Turner is married to Ashley Herron. Prior to moving to London, Ashley and Matt got married on May 1, 2022, in the Boston Seaport, after dating for two years.

Ashley was expecting the couple’s first child on the day of their wedding, and they conducted a very intimate ceremony. With a picture of the happy couple, Ashley shared on Instagram that she had married Matt. Ashley wrote in the post:

“This morning we celebrated a union over the rising sun in the east. Where home meets new beginnings. Where we are reminded how big this world is but no matter how far we go, we will be surrounded by so much love and support.” 

“The East coast is home for us. Easton’s name means ‘sun rising in the east” and ‘new beginnings.’ He is our world and our world is just beginning. I love you Matthew Turner 🤍 Forever, I do☀️.”

Ashley posted pictures of the pair getting showered with confetti by their wedding guests in a subsequent post.

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Does Matt Turner Have Any Kids?

is matt turner gay

Yes, the couple have son named Easton Atwood Turner. The son of Ashley and Matt, was born on June 29, 2022. Easton’s delivery “was by no means an easy process,” the parents admitted on Instagram.

“Easton had some trouble with his breathing when he came out into the world and because of that had to spend 3 days in the NICU.”

The pair claimed, “We struggled to process everything, and we are sure many parents have gone through similar and even scarier situations.”

“Our Easton showed us resilience and strength and he fills our heart with so much love and joy, emotions so deep we’ve never experienced anything like it.”

Ashley and Matt also expressed gratitude to everyone who offered them supportive comments as well as the hospital workers who cared for Easton.

Ashley and Matt have posted gorgeous pictures of their healthy baby son, Easton, ever since his birth. The three-person family donned identical avocado outfits for Halloween.

During breaks from Matt’s sessions, Ashley has brought Easton along, and the soccer star has taken pictures with the youngster on the field.

Matt Turner and Ashley are pregnant with their second child. Matt revealed he’s expecting a baby girl on soccer field after big win against El Salvador in March.