Is Maxie on General Hospital Pregnant? Exploring the Pregnancy Rumor of Maxie in The Show as Well as In Real!!

Is Maxie on General Hospital Pregnant? The TV show General Hospital first appeared in 1963. Maxie Jones on the show is the oldest daughter of Frisco Jones and Felicia Cummings. In the show’s 58th season, the actress Kirsten Storms, who plays Maxie Jones, appeared to have gained some weight. But this was just for the character’s storyline.

But still, why did her character gain weight? Well, it’s connected to Maxie’s romantic interest in the show. If you were wondering if Maxie was pregnant in General Hospital, you’re not alone. Many people were curious, and this even led to rumors about the actress Kirsten Storms being pregnant in real life.

To clear things up, Maxie is a character played by Kirsten Storms, and if you’re wondering if either the character or the actress was pregnant, we’ll provide the answers here in this article.

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Is Maxie on General Hospital Pregnant? Rumors Surrounding Pregnancy Status!!

is maxie on general hospital pregnant

Yes, Maxie Jones was pregnant in General Hospital. People guessed it from her pictures, and it turned out to be true. The actress, Kirsten, looked like a pregnant woman with some weight gain, but she also used a fake belly and big clothes to make it look real.

Maxie’s pregnancies on the show didn’t happen just once; it happened multiple times. First, she had a daughter named Georgie Spinelli with her ex-fiancé, Damian Spinelli. That happened after a one-night stand, and Maxie and Damian’s love interest, Ellie, had a friendly relationship.

The second time, she was pregnant with her husband, Nathan West, and it was a very loving time for them. They got married at the Metro Court Hotel, and they had a son named James West. They were together until Nathan died while on duty.

Things got complicated after Nathan’s death. Maxie’s brother-in-law, Peter August, came into the picture. At first, she really disliked him and blamed him for Nathan’s death.

As time passed, Maxie began to let go of her strong dislike for Peter. Surprisingly, she started to feel jealous when Lulu got close to him. Eventually, Maxie and Peter became romantically involved.

Together, Maxie and Peter had a daughter named Bailey Jones. Her father affectionately called her “Louise.”

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Real-Life Pregnancy Speculation Surrounds General Hospital Star Kirsten Storms!!

is maxie on general hospital pregnant

The actress made it clear that she’s not pregnant in real life. She shared a picture from the show’s wardrobe team and wrote that it was her “returning to work outfit of the day.” She added, “Until I put on my fake pregnancy belly and clothes.” 

People on the show assumed she was pregnant when her character Maxie was revealed to be carrying a child named James, the son of Maxie and Nathan.

So, Kirsten Storms, who plays Maxie on General Hospital, is not pregnant in real life, even though her character has a child. She wanted to remind fans that the baby in the show was not real when she returned to work on January 21.

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Exploring Kirsten Storms’s Romantic Journey: A Look at Her Love Life!!

is maxie on general hospital pregnant

Kirsten from General Hospital is in a relationship with Elias Paul Reidy, who used to play guitar for the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. They’ve been dating since 2007, and they even lived together after Kirsten’s divorce. They had an on-and-off relationship, and they lived together from 2007 to 2011.

In May 2018, Elias and Kirsten reconnected. And they were still living together, but they weren’t engaged or married. It seems like they’re taking their time with that decision.