Is Mehdi from ‘Love Island’ Gay? Stefflon Don Thinks He Is Bisexual!

Is Mehdi from Love Island gay? One of the 10 fortunate hopefuls that entered the legendary Love Island mansion doors on Monday night for the ultimate summer of love is French model Mehdi Edno.

Mehdi joined a fresh group of twenty-something singles looking for “the one.” Find out all you need to know about the 26-year-old hottie here before the summer series debut.

It’s critical that we analyze the issue that erupted when Mehdi Edno’s sexual identification was questioned on last night’s edition of Love Island’s Aftersun.

Mehdi Edno is he actually gay? Or are these rumors just untrue? Without further ado, let’s read the article to learn the truth regarding Islander’s sexual orientation.

Who Is Mehdi Edno from Love Island?

is mehdi love island gay

Mehdi Edno is a French model and communications manager who lives in Bordeaux, southwest France and divides his time between there and London.

According to reports, the show’s producers are hoping that the new islander would emulate Italian stallion Davide Sanclimenti, who won in 2022, and that the villa girls will like him because of his tall, dark, and attractive characteristics.

Mehdi acknowledges that for the past few years, he has been obsessed with a “busy schedule,” but he is now prepared to meet “the one,” as per Hello! Magazine.

I’ve been busy the last few years working and pursuing my master’s degree, but I’m done with the hectic schedule now, and I’m ready to find love, he added.

He said, “I’d simply start by speaking French, that usually gets girls interested.” When asked how he intended to woo the villa girls.

The model described his ideal match as someone with a strong sense of humor who is extroverted and eager for an adventure, adding that while appearances are essential, they are not everything.

Mehdi frequently posts photos from his trips and has over 23.3k followers on Instagram. He has lately shared photographs from Marrakech and Mauritius, so he is obviously a traveler.

The model’s Instagram bio presently reads: “I’m off to find love in the @loveisland villa!” This makes it apparent that he’s traveling to Majorca for his next adventure.

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Is Mehdi From Love Island Gay?

is mehdi love island gay

No, Mehdi from Love Island is not gay. The speculation sparked from last night’s episode of Love Island’s Aftersun where he was accused of being gay or bisexual.

For context, it should be noted that British rapper Stefflon Don (real name Stephanie Allen) joined the celebrity panel debating the program during the broadcast.

The panel was asked by host Maya Jamaasked to discuss Mehdi Edno and Whitney Adebayo’s relationship. The rapper told the live audience:

 ‘I don’t know if he [Mehdi] even likes females, I’m not going to lie. I’m not sure, you know. Or he likes both [men and women]. He’s giving a bit of both.’ 

The stunned crowd let out a loud gasp. Oh no, Maya retorted. He can do whatever he likes…’

First things first: Medhi does not owe us an explanation of how he labels his sexuality, and we should not be making assumptions.

Mehdi is now dating Whitney, as far as viewers are aware, and we are aware of his dating history. The debate should end there as Mehdi hasn’t revealed anything further about whether he is bisexual or not.

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Declaring or discussing one’s sexual orientation is private and only a person’s business; hence, doing it in public is intrusive and damaging.