Is Mel McLaughlin Gay? Australian Sport Presenter’s Secret Love Life

Is Mel McLaughlin Gay? Mel McLaughlin is a popular Australian sports presenter who works for Seven Network and has hosted on Fox Sports News in the past, making millions of viewers her ultimate fans.

Her fans and followers have always been intrigued by her love life and affairs. It is true especially after her first divorce in 2014. The Australian Beauty presenter is back again with another rumor surrounding her love life.

There have been rumors about Mel McLaughlin being gay. let’s debunk the rumor of Mel McLaughlin being gay and uncover her secret love life.

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Is Mel McLaughlin Gay?

is mel mclaughlin gay

No, Mel McLaughlin is not gay. The Seven Network star has been previously associated with several male friends she has had. Further, she was married for some years before getting a divorce in 2014. Although the reason for the divorce remains unclear and no concrete answers are available as to what happened to the lovely couple, it is baseless to assume that Mel McLaughlin’s sexual identity was a reason for the same.

Mel McLaughlin has been spotted with several men since her divorce and hence the rumor regarding Mel McLaughlin being gay is false.

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Mel McLaughlin Dating History

is mel mclaughlin gay

Mel McLaughlin was a married to Luke Panic in 2012, however, the relationship ended the same year when she facilitated Winter Olympics 2014. However, this wasn’t an ending for McLaughlin, it was a new beginning.

The star was rumored to be dating a guy named Ashley Westwood in 2015, just a year after her divorce. Westwood is a coach and a former football player. Further, it is said that she also had a fling with James Stewart in 2017.