Is Michael Consuelos Gay? Kelly Ripa’s Son Revealed His Sexuality?

Is Michael Consuelos Gay? Michael Consuelos, who is the son of Kelly Ripa and has also made his name in the entertainment world, is often surrounded by controversies. The most fascinating of those is regarding his sexuality.

There are rumors claiming that Michael Consuelos is gay. The Riverdale star who is a sight for sore eyes and has stolen thousands of hearts, is assumed to be gay and in a homosexual relationship.

To know how much truth these rumors hold, keep reading the article to uncover the sexual orientation of Michael Consuelos. Is Michael Consuelos gay or is it just a hoax?

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Is Michael Consuelos Gay?

is michael consuelos gay

No, Michael Consuelos is not gay. The actor has never addressed these rumors surrounding his sexuality and love life. He avoids such rumors and speculations and is currently living his life.

Fans often try to find hints of his romantic life and ‘secret boyfriend’ from his social media accounts. However, it’s all in vain as the Riverdale star prefers keeping it private. It is also important to note that Michael has been vocal about his preference for keeping his personal life under the curtains and how the questions about him being gay are not justified in this sense.

We ought to respect celebrities’ personal life. In this regard, it may be concluded that the rumors are false and that Michael Consuelos is not gay. However, if he ever comes out as gay, we would cherish him just the same as we do now.

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Who is Michael Consuelos Dating?

is michael consuelos gay

Michael Consuelos is not dating anyone right now. According to Distractify, the star is currently single. He is not dating anyone publicly, nor has anything about his dating history been revealed by him or his mother, Kelly Ripa.

As far as rumors about his ‘secret boyfriend’ are concerned, there is no solid proof for the same. Kelly Ripa received an award for being an outspoken ally to the LGBTQ community. However, there is no revelation about Michael’s partner.