Is Michael Hsu Rosen Gay? Unveiling the Sexual Orientation of ‘Glamorous’ Star!

Is Michael Hsu Rosen gay? Michael Hsu Rosen is an American actor and dancer best known for his appearances as Jayden in Pretty Smart and Nabil in Tiny Pretty Things on Netflix.

Additionally, Rosen starred in the Broadway revivals of West Side Story and Torch Song. And now he is starring as Ben in the latest Netflix arrival ‘Glamorous’.

People are now more interested in the actor’s personal life and notably his sexuality because of his homosexual role as Ben in the Netflix original series “Glamorous”.

Is Michael Hsu Rosen gay in real life as well? Or are these rumors just untrue? Let’s go straight to it and read the article to learn the actor’s sexual orientation in its entirety.

Is Michael Hsu Rosen Gay?

is michael hsu rosen gay

Yes, Michael Hsu Rosen is a proud gay man. Michael Hsu Rosen’s sexuality came to light when he portrays a gay man, Ben, in the Netflix show ‘Glamorous’.

When HuffPost emphasized Rosen’s sexual orientation as homosexual and half-Chinese, he spoke candidly about his feelings about portraying a gay role along with his co-star Emily Osment.

But Michael’s path as an openly homosexual man began much earlier when he bravely came out on Rossie O’Donnell’s radio show at the age of 15.

Michael has never concealed his sexuality throughout his life, enabling others to know and love him for who he actually is—a self-assured and proud homosexual man.

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Michael Hsu Rosen Came Out At the Age of 15

is michael hsu rosen gay

After Michael became well-known on stage, there were those eager to speak with the burgeoning young actor. Rossie O’Donnell was one of them.

Michael came out at the age of 15, and he never once tried to disguise his sexual orientation, so others were aware of it.

He was invited to discuss being homosexual on Broadway by the show’s producers when he was scheduled to go on Rossie O’Donnell’s radio program to promote West Side Story.

While meeting with Rosie, Michael admitted to the actress that she was an influence, despite having previously told them he felt uncomfortable discussing it.

“I got emotional telling Rosie how moved I was as a teenager watching her on Will & Grace, when she tells Jack, “I’m gay,”

Michael added:

“It was pretty clear I was saying, “Me, too.” After that, I decided that of course, I can talk about being gay. Why wouldn’t I?”

Since then, he has made appearances in homosexual plays and movies. He does not hide who he is or try to pass himself off as someone he is not.

He added the middle name Hsu to his name in order to avoid passing himself off as someone else. He would remain true to his Asian ancestry in this way and wouldn’t subsequently catch casting directors off guard.

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Who Is Michael Hsu Rosen Dating?

is michael hsu rosen gay

While Michael Hsu Rosen has chosen to keep his relationship status private, rumors have been circulating about his potential romantic involvement with his ‘Glamorous’ co-star, Miss Benny, a transgender woman.

Both on and off the screen, they exude a palpable chemistry and are often spotted sharing cozy moments together.

Just two days ago, Michael posted affectionate photos of the two of them on his Instagram page, accompanied by a caption that read, “I luv her.” Miss Benny, in response, left a comment saying, “One more kiss..”

These interactions are suggesting that they might be dating. However, without any official confirmation from the actors themselves, it remains an intriguing possibility that only time will unveil.