Is Michelle Keegan Pregnant? Baby On Board Confirmed?

Is Michelle Keegan Pregnant? Michelle Keegan who is particularly known for her marvelous acting career and drop-dead gorgeous features, is at the center of the news headlines yet again with a piece of unexpected news about her personal life.

Recently, there have been rumors about Michelle Keegan being pregnant and planning on expanding her family. The queen of BBC drama Our Girl is back again with a rumor surrounding her private life.

Keep reading to uncover the truth behind the rumors claiming that Michelle Keegan is pregnant. The article also covers her love life, so stay tuned!

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Is Michelle Keegan Pregnant?

is michelle keegan pregnant

No, Michelle Keegan is not pregnant. Michelle Keegan has been subjected to rumors surrounding her personal life, particularly about her love relationship with her partner Mark Wright. The first rumors appeared on the internet after Mark’s father posted a message.

The Big Mark shared a picture of Michelle on his Instagram with the caption ‘You know, we know.’. Cryptic enough? Fans believe that with this he was trying to give us a hint. However, the rumor has not yet been addressed by Michelle Keegan or her family members and close friends. It is most likely that the rumors are false.

According to the Economic Times, the star is not expecting a baby any time soon. Michelle is right now focused on her new role in a Netflix thriller series.

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Is Michelle Keegan Married?

is michelle keegan pregnant

Yes, Michelle Keegan is married to Mark Wright, the former Towie star. There have been various rumors surrounding their relationship, some suggesting that the two are close to calling it quits, while others claim that they might take the next step in their relationship and think about growing their family.

A recent stir was created after Mark shared a sweet snap, which fans saw as a hint to their pregnancy announcement. However, in an interview with, Mark shared that it was for his nephew.

“It was amazing to meet him for the first time. We’ve been waiting for that for a long time, so it was a very lovely feeling to meet him, for sure. We love our nephews, it’s amazing.”